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Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats

Coin Sell Cost
Eldwater Sell Cost

Wyrmprint Descriptions

1This is a new spell I formulated based on a magical vestige left in the Halidom. Consider yourself honored to bear witness to the wisdom of the ancients!
2This spell is revolutionary! It comprises the magic of different civilizations and synergizes them perfectly with one another. ...Silly me! Why am I rambling on while in the middle of battle?!
3Heh. Not going to go down easy, eh? Well I've got plenty more surprises where that came from. Let me show you what else my research has let me produce!
4Deploying physical support barrier! Supplementing mana to maximum level! I've amplified the power of my magic using my own unique technique—you don't often get a chance to see one so advanced!
5I hope you don't think I'm already out of surprises, because the really amazing part is yet to come. I've basically redefined what magic can do here, so behold my newest magic spell! Haaaaah!


Ability 1

Full HP = Skill Damage +25% Increases attack skill damage by 25% when HP is full. (Max: 35%)
Upgrades To
Full HP = Skill Damage +30% Increases attack skill damage by 30% when HP is full. (Max: 35%)
Ability Group: Skill Damage Max Boost: 35%
Other Wyrmprints That Boost This Stat

Ability 2