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Obtainable as a 3

Wyrmprint Stats

Coin Sell Cost
Eldwater Sell Cost

Wyrmprint Descriptions

1I tried to decipher the lost book of heretic spells, Liber Grimortis. Magic scholars have long failed to make sense of the few remaining copies—but that made the pursuit feel all the more worthwhile!
2"Zevera..." To call, maybe? And "hanzor" means voice, so...a calling voice? Hmm... Lend your ears to the calling from the ocean depths? No, "heute zaera" isn't that simple. I must deepen my understanding."
3What I can gather from the Liber Grimortis is that it's much like a religious text. Words of worship for a certain figure keep coming up: "zozella barda." The eternal lord. Praise the eternal lord...
4Eureka! That's it! "Kisera lar Devalia" is a name, but ALSO an incantation. The silver key to open the gate! So if I chant it... Ahem! Oh, eternal guide! I chant the name: Kisera lar Devalia!
5It's cursed! Cursed with madness! Ah ha ha! But I'm not mad! No, not I! I am not mad! Not me! Hee hee! Not mad not mad not mad not mad not mad not aslkajsghpasgaksjg (The remainder is incomprehensible.)


Ability 1

Skill Damage +10% Increases attack skill damage by 10%. (Max: 35%)
Upgrades To
Skill Damage +15% Increases attack skill damage by 15%. (Max: 35%)
Ability Group: Skill Damage Max Boost: 35%
Other Wyrmprints That Boost This Stat