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Obtainable as a 3

Wyrmprint Stats

Coin Sell Cost
Eldwater Sell Cost

Wyrmprint Descriptions

1While in pursuit of prey, I became lost in the Mistholt, unable to tell left from right. But just as things seemed at their worst, an enchanting song lured me along a path that ended at an exquisite lake.
2Hunters in these parts often talk of the Mistholt—and of people getting lost there. Perhaps that song is the cause.
3I stood at the lakeside and watched the sun drop under the horizon. Traversing the forest at night was dangerous, but was I any safer staying here? As I pondered my options, I saw light begin to radiate from the lake.
4Soon, I heard a song. Trees, flowers, the lake—each voice joined the chorus. The song was the song of the forest itself. It knew I was lost, and it felt compassion.
5The Mistholt had many a terrifying rumor circulating about it, but there were tales of mystery and wonder as well. This was the side I witnessed on that day.


Ability 1

Bog Res +15% Reduces susceptibility to bog by 15%. (Max: 100%)
Upgrades To
Bog Res +20% Reduces susceptibility to bog by 20%. (Max: 100%)
Ability Group: Bog Res Max Boost: 100%
Other Wyrmprints That Boost This Stat