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Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats

Coin Sell Cost
Eldwater Sell Cost

Wyrmprint Descriptions

1Tasked with finding food, Luca and Sarisse head off into the forest in search of fruit. "Man, I am BEAT. Time for a break." "...Luca? Where are you?! You better be gathering fruit, you knucklehead!
2"Ah-HA! I knew it! You were SLEEPING!" "I just rested my eyes! I've been working!" "I can't believe you thought it was okay to slack off while I was working super hard to gather all of these apples!"
3"Hey, I found fruit and junk too, you know! Here, take a look at my basket!" "Right, suuuuure you di—Holy crap! You DID find a bunch of fruit!"
4"This was easy—I spend all my time in this forest, so I know all the good spots." "Only because you're always looking for new places where you can slack off!" "H-hey! That's not true at all!"
5"All right, time to have a bite before we head back! Here, this one's the sweetest." "Buster, if you think you can win me over with fruit, you have—oooooo, this is nice." "Told ya! Now c'mon, eat up."


Ability 1

Ability 2