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Outfitting by Weapon Class

Although each Adventurer’s exact role is unique to them, the roster can be roughly grouped by weapon class when choosing Wyrmprints. Generally it's best to go the complimentary route rather than using equipment to supply what a character lacks in their kit. This is up to discretion-- especially when struggling on quests and rebalancing to get things right-- but for general purposes, these guidelines follow:

  • Swords are by far the most varied weapon class. Many will want some defense to help them survive at close range, but others can capitalize especially well on Force Strikes and Skill Damage.
  • For Blades, offense of all kind benefits them. Force Strikes, Critical Rate and Strength are especially good picks.  
  • Daggers do well with Critical Rate and Flurry effects.
  • Axes enjoy defensive prints that compliment their sturdy playstyle, with the exception being some offensive Axe users. 
  • Lances tend to be a supportive role, so Skill Prep and Skill Haste enable them further. Buff Time synergizes well with anyone who has teamwide boosts.
  • Bows will want either Skill Haste or Flurry bonuses, depending on the character's specialty.
  • Wands will prefer either conditional Strength and Skill Damage or increased Buff Time.
  • Staves should aim to max out their Recovery Potency, or at least bring Skill Prep for quicker access to healing Skills.


There are few in the roster who don't benefit from Skill Damage. Critical Rate, Strength Doublebuff and Skill Haste are thrown in as small extras, each of which have broad compatibility with many Adventurers.

The gold-standard offensive Wyrmprint. Critical kits are limited to certain Adventurers, but this is arguably the best-in-slot for characters such as Mikoto, Ieyasu, Dragonyule Cleo, Orion, and Orsem.

Now that the AI can Force Strike, Stellar Show is a great choice for any party member, especially Blade and Dagger users.

The Chocolatiers is game-changing Wyrmprint that came as a significant upgrade to existing Skill Prep equipment. While being a 5★ gacha print makes 100% pretty inaccessible, the 50% Skill Prep from single copy is still quite nifty, especially for characters who already have 50% from their own Abilities.

The Prep bonuses continued for the event Wyrmprint: Adventurers equipping a max-unbound Petal Queen start the battle fully Energized, which has tangible boons to the party. Numerical values for Skills (such as healing or damage multipliers) will increase, so this is especially beneficial for shielding skills or burst damage.

EXP Bonuses


These are going to be the prints that are worth keeping around for particular Quests. Skill Prep enables more flexibility, while Shapeshift Prep is ideal for Raids.

Prepped and Ready

Burst Damage

Elemental Res

Full HP Wyrmprints

These are ideal for boosting Helper Skills since friend assists are always calculated with full HP.

To Keep or Discard?

One question often comes up: which Wyrmprints should be sold for Eldwater? 

The answer is up to personal preference. While many like to keep copies of 3★ and 4★ prints around for preparedness, Eldwater is hard to come by. The recommended path is to keep five copies, max unbind that Wyrmprint, then discard extras. The rare exception would be things like Dragon Arcanum and King's Countenance-- which are equipped by multiple characters-- but these cases are pretty rare.