Wyrmprint Combinations

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Double Wyrmprints Are Here!

With the big 1.6.0 update on 03/25, Adventurers could equip two Wyrmprints! To balance the immense power of this change, each type of Ability has a built-in limit. This doesn't apply to Adventurers or Dragons however, so players are free to exploit synergy with innate Abilities. Below are pairs of Wyrmprints that compliment each other well, and suggestions for particular characters based on their kits.

For reference, the Ability limits are as follows:

  • Skill Damage: 35%
  • Force Strike Bonus: 40%
  • Recovery Potency: 20%
  • Str: 15%
  • Def: 20%
  • Skill Haste: 15%
  • Crit Rate: 15%
  • Crit Damage: 25%
  • Broken Punisher: 25%
  • Overdrive Punisher: 15%
  • Affliction Res: 100%
  • Elemental Res: 15%
  • Skill Prep: 100%
  • Energy Prep: 100%
  • Shapeshift Prep: 10%

Blistering Offense

Everybody loves Critical and Skill Damage! Levin's Champion is well-known for carrying both Critical Damage and Critical Chance-- in other words, high damage output and the means to use it. Since Skill Damage caps at 35%, the moderate 20-25% included in Resounding Rendition will be uninhibited.

If missing Levin's Champion, Flower In The Fray makes a good substitute.

Another complimentary Skill Damage Combo: 20-25% is the standard for a single print, but this pair also accumulates ~10% Skill Haste and a smudge of Strength above 70% HP. This is best paired with a Bow user's Co-Ability.

About ~10% of the accumulated Force Strike damage will be wasted, but this particular pair is great for throwing Critical Damage and Skill Damage into the mix. For similar primary bonuses, it's also worth considering Lunar Festivities, The Warrioresses, or Nightstalker.

Any combination of these will make the boss melt during Break, especially when held by Ezelith or Xainfried.

Heal Them Up

Get close to the Recovery Potency cap with 8-10% on each of these, plus a bit of Full HP Defense and Slayer's Strength. Note that either of these can be replaced with Louise's Hobbies or Take My Hand, which have the same healing bonuses but no other effects.

Similar to the above, but these prints contain passive recovery that will help if there's no healer around (doing IO in Co-Op, for example). 

Strong Support

What’s better than using a Skill right away? Using an Energized Skill right away, of course! Hit the ground running with this pair. Though for characters using a big attack, Skill Damage might serve them better. Healing, shields, and Defense buffs can go crazy.

Adventurer Combos

Skill Damage

Skill Damage such as Plunder Pals, Hitting the Books, Dragon and Tamer, and Valiant Crown goes well on these. (Hint: For those sitting at 20% Skill Damage, these prints all add another 15%).

Force Strikers

Max out their Force Strike bonuses for incredibly high damage against bosses.

Broken Punisher

Worthy Rivals, Sniper's Allure and Gale of Beauty help all of these characters augment their burst damage. 

Go Down Swinging

For the risk-takers out there, Last Offense users can do absurd amounts of damage at low HP using Valentine's Venture, Tough Love, Warlust, and Hanetsuki Rally.

Critical Kit


A few Wyrmprints deserve an honorable mention for having lower bonuses that can fit neatly into the Ability caps.