Trick or Treasure - Farming Guide

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Trick or Treasure - Farming Guide


This guide provides a detailed look at what kind of special currencies are used in the Trick or Treasure event, where to find them, and how to best make use of your resources in order to maximize rewards.

If you're after tips for beating the Pumpking or clearing the Challenge Battle, instead check out our Trick or Treat - Battle Strategy Guide.

Reward System

The Trick or Treasure event has a total of four event currencies, with each being redeemable for different types of rewards.

Tricker Treats

  • Tricker Treats are obtained at the end of all event quests. They aren't consumed when new rewards are unlocked but keep accumulating.

  • Rewards are unlocked sequentially as more are obtained, up to a maximum of 1,400,000.

  • By fulfilling certain requirements during a quest, more Tricker Treats can be earned. These requirements can be checked at the end of a quest.

  • Rewards include Mana, Rupies, Plunder Pals Wyrmprints, Water, Crystals, Eldwater, Golden Fragments, Testaments, Honey, Twinkling Sand, Jack Chocolates and Summon Vouchers.

  • Drop amounts can be boosted with certain Wyrmprints: Of Tricks and Treats, Witch’s Kitchen, and Plunder Pals.

  • The Challenge Battle: Halloween Horrors quest is the best place to get Tricker Treats!

Snack-’o’-Lanterns (Bronze Background)

  • Used to build and upgrade the new Sweet Retreat building in the Halidom.

  • Obtainable through the event story quests and Boss Battle.

  • Drop amounts can be boosted with certain Wyrmprints: Pumpkin Pail, Silke Lends a Hand, and Plunder Pals.

  • The Extra Boss Battle: Revenge of the Pumpking quest is the best place to get Snack-’o’-Lanterns!

Jack Chocolates (Silver Background)

  • Used to exchange for items in the event's Treasure Trade.

  • Obtained through completing the Daily Battle, Boss Battle, Challenge Battle and from Tricker Treat rewards.

  • The Challenge Battle: Halloween Horrors quest is the best place to get Jack Chocolates!

Candy Baskets (Gold Background)

  • Used to exchange for items in the event Treasure Trade.

  • Obtained through completing the EX Boss Battle, Challenge Battle, and from Tricker Treat rewards.

  • The Challenge Battle: Halloween Horrors quest is the best place to get Candy Baskets!

Special Rewards


Over the course of the event, certain exclusive rewards can be obtained with the event currencies. They can't be obtained anywhere else, making them the most valuable rewards granted from the event.

Sweet Retreat

  • This is a building constructed in the Halidom that grants bonuses to Light-attuned Adventurers. It also provides a massive boost to all adventurers during event quests.

  • Its building level counts toward total Facility Level and requires a free Wyrmsmith to construct and upgrade.

  • Snack-’o’-Lanterns and Rupies are used to build and upgrade the Sweet Retreat.

  • An event endeavor rewards 50 Wyrmite for upgrading the Sweet Retreat to level 20. However, it can reach a maximum level of 30!

Plunder Pals Wyrmprint

  • This 5* Wyrmprint gives a huge +25% damage boost to Skills and increases the yield of Snack-’o’-Lanterns and Tricker Treats by 50% (25% each for an unbound copy).

  • Copies can be obtained in the Treasure Trade and from Tricker Treat rewards.

  • It is highly recommended to NOT unbind this Wyrmprint until AFTER four copies have been earned. This is because the effects stack for each party member and four Adventurers with four unbound copies of Plunder Pals will yield much greater rewards than one Adventurer with a fully unbound copy.

Treasure Trade

  • A special Treasure Trade shop is available during the event.

  • Non-exclusive rewards include Mana, Rupies, Orbs, Testaments, Water, Twinkling Sand, and Wyrm Scales.

  • Event-exclusive rewards include copies of Plunder Pals, Facility Decorations, and two Halloween-themed 3* Light-attuned weapons.

Farming Strategy


This event features Shadow-attuned monsters exclusively, so taking Light Adventurers is practically required. Free players have access to Luca, who is a Light-attuned Adventurer. However, any Light-based adventurer will work for the purposes of this event.

It’s highly recommended to use Mana and Crystals from the event to upgrade your Light-attuned Adventurers. Having the strongest possible Adventurer is key to scoring big in this event!

Before you Start

In order to access the event's endgame, you’ll have to fight your way through the event quest maps. There are seven preliminary quests, which follow a Halloween story featuring the main Dragalia Lost cast. Once those have been cleared, Daily Battle: Nightly Haunts and Boss Battle: Squash the Pumpking will unlock.

For tips on how to beat the Pumpking or clear the Challenge Battle, check out our Trick or Treat - Battle Strategy Guide.

Once you've beaten the Pumpking on Expert the final quest will unlock, Challenge Battle: Halloween Horrors. In terms of Tricker Treats and Jack Chocolates, this is by far the best place to farm them. Once this quest has been unlocked, the farming can really begin!

Daily Battle: Nightly Haunts

This quest can be completed once per day for substantial Snack-’o’- Lantern and Jack Chocolate rewards. With a required Might of 4500, it’s not too difficult to clear, especially if you’ve already beaten the story. For maximum efficiency, clear this once per day to pick up the rewards.

Get the Wyrmprints!

There are three main groups of rewards available: Sweet Retreat upgrades, Tricker Treat rewards, and Treasure Trade rewards. The Boss Battle is best for getting Sweet Retreat upgrades, and the Challenge Battle for the rest. This means you'll need to complete both during the event.

Your first priority is to obtain four copies of Plunder Pals, the 5* Wyrmprint. Without unbinding, it gives a +25% bonus to Tricker Treats and Snack-'o'-Lanterns earned. Multiple copies stack, so getting a copy for each of your teammates will double the speed at which you progress through the event. If you've got some of the summonable Wyrmprints, use them: they are slightly better than Plunder Pals, but only for one type of currency apiece.

Do not unbind Plunder Pals until you have more than four copies! This is because it's better to have bound copies of Plunder Pals spread around your team, than one unbound copy on one character. Start farming the Challenge Battle: You'll need to exchange Jack Chocolates for two copies in the Treasure Trade, and get the other two from Tricker Treat rewards. If you need to upgrade your Sweet Retreat, farm the Boss Battle a few times to get Snack-'o'-Lanterns.

The Sweet Retreat

Now, you'll want to focus upgrading your Sweet Retreat. This event building grants Facility Levels and a bonus to Light-attuned Adventurers, so it's highly recommended to upgrade it as much possible.

Since the Boss Battle can be fought Co-op, it's best to use Getherwings in order to clear it. This allows you to save Stamina for the Challenge Battle, which can only be beaten Solo. Every time you trigger the Extra Boss Battle, clear it immediately-- It gives enormous amounts of Snack-'o'-Lanterns.

Always try to keep one Smithwyrm on the Sweet Retreat at all times. Upgrading it will make farming the event easier, and at least level 20 is required for the endeavor reward. However, try and get it to the highest level possible before the event ends.

The Treasure Trade

At this point, you'll want to be using all your Stamina to farm the Challenge Battle. Don't fret if you can't clear the whole thing-- Making it to the final wave gives around 6.5k Tricker Treats per run, which should be plenty for all but the most hardcore farmers. Just let your Tricker Treats naturally pile up!

By now, you'll be building up Candy Baskets and Jack Chocolates. These are spent in the Treasure Trade shop for various rewards, so head there and start trading. Start by grabbing your fifth copy of Plunder Pals: This will let you fully unbind the Wyrmprint once the event's concluded.

Next, spend your Candy Baskets on the Knight's Testament, Twinkling Sand, and Consecrated Water. You'll want to use your Jack Chocolates on the Mana, Rupie and Blessed Water rewards, as well as the Jack-o'-Lance and Vampire's Lantern.

From there, you can pick up more copies of Plunder Pals, or start on the Orb and Scale rewards. However, the Orb and Scale rewards are expensive and give poor returns (based on their Stamina cost of earning the Jack Chocolates). I'd only recommend getting them if there is nothing else to buy.