Trick or Treasure Event Coming to Dragalia Lost

A Halloween Event is Coming to Dragalia Lost
6 days 8 hours ago
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Trick or Treasure Event Coming to Dragalia Lost
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Halloween Event Coming to Dragalia Lost

Source: Redditor /u/boomboon

Credible information about the upcoming Dragalia Lost Halloween Event has been leaked by community members over at the Dragalia Lost Subreddit and Discord!

Event Overview

During the Halloween event, the player can obtain event currencies such as Snack-o'-Lanterns and Tricker Treats as rare drops, which can be used to unlock:

  • New Halloween-themed Adventurers, Dragons, and Wyrmprints!
  • New Sweet Retreat Building that powers up light-based adventurers.
  • New Event Quests and Boss Battles!


Event Exclusives

New Units

New Halloween Adventurers

Summon showcase
Source: Falzar, Dragalia Lost Discord

Halloween Elisanne 

Halloween Elissane
Source: zeroetanaru, Twitter

Halloween Edward

Halloween Althemia
Source: zeroetanaru, Twitter

Halloween Althemia

Halloween Althemia
Source: zeroetanaru, Twitter

New Halloween Dragon

Silke Banner
Source: Falzar, Dragalia Lost Discord

Halloween Silke

Halloween Silke
Source: zeroetanaru, Twitter

New Halloween Weapons

Source: Falzar, Dragalia Lost Discord

New Halloween Wyrmprint

Plunder Pals: increase drop rate (or amount) of Snack-o'-Lanterns and Tricker Treats.

plunder pals
Source: /u/MonoBear_, Dragalia Lost Subreddit

New Event Building: Sweet Retreat

Sweet Retreat
Source: MonoBear, Dragalia Lost Subreddit

A new building for the Halidom similar in function to the existing Light Altar. Sweet Retreat can be built and upgraded using the Snack-o'-lanterns collected from clearing the Halloween Event Quests.

New Event Battles

New Boss Battle: Revenge of the Pumpking:

Source: Falzar, Dragalia Lost Discord

New Challenge Battle: Halloween Horrors:

Halloween Horrors
Source: Falzar, Dragalia Lost Discord

Event Overview

Story Quests and Raid Battles

Tricker Treats Rewards

Tricker Treats collected from Story Quests unlock the following rewards. Tricker Treats are cumulative and not expended when you reach a quantity goal.

Qty Type Reward
10 Mana Mana x3000
20 Materials Silver Crystal x10
30 Materials Snack-o'-Lantern x5
50 Rupies Rupies x5000
70 Materials Holy Water x10
100 Building Jack-o'-Lantern x1
150 Honey Honey x3
200 Rupies Rupies x5000
300 Materials Looking Glass x1
500 Mana Mana x3000
700 Castle Items Jack Chocolates x5
1,000 Honey Quality Honey x3
1,200 Summon Voucher Summon Voucher x1
1,500 Materials Blessed Water x10
1,700 Rupies Rupies x10000
2,000 Eldwater Eldwater x200
2,200 Materials Snack-o'-Lantern x30
2,500 Materials Gold Crystal x10
3,000 Eldwater Eldwater x300
3,500 Materials Snack-o'-Lantern x30
4,000 Materials Looking Glass x1
5,000 Materials Consecrated Water x5
6,000 Wyrmprint Plunder Pals x1
8,000 Materials Gold Crystal x20
10,000 Eldwater Eldwater x300
12,000 Mana Mana x3000
15,000 Summon Voucher Summon Voucher x1
17,000 Materials Consecrated Water x5
20,000 Materials Looking Glass x1
22,000 Mana Mana x3000
25,000 Eldwater Eldwater x300
30,000 Materials Consecrated Water x5
35,000 Rupies Rupies x10000
40,000 Eldwater Eldwater x400
45,000 Mana Mana x3000
50,000 Wyrmprint Plunder Pals x1
55,000 Materials Consecrated Water x5
60,000 Materials Knight's Testament x1
65,000 Rupies Rupies x10000
70,000 Materials Consecrated Water x10
75,000 Castle Items Jack Chocolates x10
80,000 Mana Mana x3000
85,000 Materials Consecrated Water x10
90,000 Materials Gold Crystal x20
95,000 Castle Items Jack Chocolates x10
100,000 Materials Golden Fragment x1
110,000 Rupies Rupies x10000
120,000 Mana Mana x3000
130,000 Castle Items Jack Chocolates x10
140,000 Materials Consecrated Water x10
150,000 Eldwater Eldwater x500
160,000 Rupies Rupies x10000
170,000 Mana Mana x3000
180,000 Castle Items Jack Chocolates x10
190,000 Materials Consecrated Water x10
200,000 Eldwater Eldwater x500
210,000 Rupies Rupies x10000
220,000 Mana Mana x3000
230,000 Castle Items Jack Chocolates x10
240,000 Materials Consecrated Water x10
250,000 Materials Champion's Testament x1
260,000 Rupies Rupies x10000
270,000 Mana Mana x3000
280,000 Castle Items Jack Chocolates x10
290,000 Materials Consecrated Water x20
300,000 Eldwater Eldwater x600
310,000 Rupies Rupies x10000
320,000 Mana Mana x3000
330,000 Honey Exquisite Honey x5
340,000 Materials Consecrated Water x20
350,000 Eldwater Eldwater x600
370,000 Rupies Rupies x10000
390,000 Mana Mana x3000
410,000 Castle Items Jack Chocolates x10
430,000 Materials Consecrated Water x20
450,000 Materials Golden Fragment x1
470,000 Rupies Rupies x20000
490,000 Mana Mana x3000
510,000 Castle Items Jack Chocolates x10
530,000 Materials Consecrated Water x20
550,000 Eldwater Eldwater x700
570,000 Rupies Rupies x20000
590,000 Mana Mana x3000
610,000 Castle Items Jack Chocolates x10
630,000 Honey Exquisite Honey x5
650,000 Mana Mana x3000
670,000 Materials Consecrated Water x20
700,000 Eldwater Eldwater x700
730,000 Rupies Rupies x20000
760,000 Mana Mana x4000
790,000 Castle Items Jack Chocolates x20
820,000 Materials Consecrated Water x20
850,000 Materials Golden Fragment x1
880,000 Rupies Rupies x20000
910,000 Mana Mana x4000
940,000 Honey Exquisite Honey x5
970,000 Materials Consecrated Water x25
1,000,000 Eldwater Eldwater x800
1,030,000 Rupies Rupies x30000
1,060,000 Mana Mana x5000
1,090,000 Castle Items Jack Chocolates x30
1,120,000 Materials Consecrated Water x30
1,150,000 Eldwater Eldwater x1000
1,180,000 Rupies Rupies x30000
1,210,000 Honey Exquisite Honey x5
1,240,000 Castle Items Jack Chocolates x50
1,270,000 Materials Consecrated Water x50
1,300,000 Eldwater Eldwater x1500
1,330,000 Mana Mana x5000
1,360,000 Materials Consecrated Water x100
1,400,000 Materials Twinkling Sand x1

Event Endeavers

Sweet Retreat