Should you Summon? Halloween Fantasia Edition

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Should you Pull? Halloween Fantasia Edition!


When new units arrive, one question remains: Should you summon? This series of articles is designed to help you decide whether or not summoning on a particular banner is going to be worth it.

I’ll be going over the pros and cons of every new Adventurer, Dragon and Wyrmprint to talk about what makes them good, bad or somewhere in between.

Of course everyone has different priorities and budgets, so take everything said here with a grain of salt. The analysis here might not apply to you, or maybe you’re just a huge fan of the new stuff. At the end of the day, only you can decide what’s best!

But one thing we can all agree on is that Wyrmite is is a valuable currency. And once you’ve taken the plunge and summoned, you can’t go back. So, it’s always a good idea to consider the options before going all-in!

The Tenfold Summon Voucher

Everyone is given a free Tenfold Summon Voucher, which can be redeemed for one free set of 10 pulls. Those amongst you with itchy fingers might be tempted to immediately redeem it for some sweet new loot right away!

But wait! I would like to remind everyone that the voucher has no expiry date, meaning it can be saved and used on future banners! I recommend deciding whether or not you are going to summon before thinking about the voucher. If the banner isn’t right for you, just save it for one that is!


Elisanne, Vampaladyn

Halloween Elisanne

As the only 5* Adventurer rated up, Elisanne is the standout pick of the litter for this banner! She’s a Light-attuned Lance user and is classified as a Support Unit despite her two damage-dealing skills. Thanks to being a 5* unit, Elisanne has great HP and Attack.

Elisanne’s got a little bit of everything-- Two damage-dealing skills, a self-heal, and a teamwide Strength buff. Her skills have fantastic scaling, especially when factoring in her Skill Damage +30% passive ability. Her second ability, Mischief Maker, deals damage and charges her other skills when it lands.

Admittedly, Elisanne is a tough unit to a fault, but just as she’s a jack-of-all-trades, she is a true master of none as well. While Elisanne’s got a lot of good abilities she lacks the distinct strengths that others like Hildegarde and Julietta possess. Gauge Accelerator can be a double-edged sword when paired with other Adventurers with Overdrive Punisher.

Reasons you might want Elisanne

  • You want a top-of-the-range Light-attuned damage dealer and don’t have Julietta or Amane.

  • You like jack-of-all-trades archetypes who can perform in a number of different quest types.

  • Self-sufficient units are your jam.

  • You are an admirer of Elisanne. Some might even call her your favorite character.

Althemia, Diametric Vampire

Halloween Althemia

Althemia’s back, and has worked VERY hard on her costume. She’s a 4* Light-attuned Healing Unit, who wields a Staff. She’s got a few healer staples, such as her Sweet Treat skill, and Recovery Potency Co-ability. But Althemia’s got a trick or two up her sleeve: her Bitter Trick skill deals damage to foes and heals her at the same time!

Skill Prep is a wonderful ability for healers, giving her some upfront healing potential without needing to wait for charge time. She’s also completely curse-resistant and even has the same Full HP = Strength +10% buff that Halloween Edward has.

Despite these advantages, Althemia fails to shine in the realm of Light healers. She’s let down by her Bitter Trick skill, which has poor damage scaling and offers no team support. And even though she’s got a few ways to restore her own HP, her Strength buff is still tough to activate and synergises poorly with her other skills.

Reasons you might want Althemia

  • You need a solid Light-type unit for the event, and hate Luca. And Edward.

  • You don’t have Hildegarde, or haven’t invested into Hope or Estelle.

  • You want an easier time clearing Imperial Onslaught: Shadow and Zodiark.

  • You love playing healers, and enjoy the team support they provide.

Edward, Bloodsucking Butler

Halloween Edward

The new Edward is a 3* Light-attuned Adventurer, and he wields a deadly Blade! This version of Edward is an Attack Unit with two damage-dealing skills. Although his HP is is low, he’s got a respectable 465 base Strength, and a Strength-boosting passive to beef up his offensive prowess.

Not only that, he’s got great damage multipliers on his skills, and his second skill Nightmare Waltz even restores a small amount of HP when it lands. For a 3* unit, Edward is a great damage dealer and will handily fill the role of Light Adventurer during quests.

Unfortunately, he suffers from the same problems as many other 3* units. His Co-ability starts at only 1%, and despite having two separate Curse Res passives, he cannot get 100% Curse resist. Full HP = Strength is also a difficult condition to meet. Edward will require some investment to get up to speed, and won’t be as strong as other units even at his peak.

Reasons you might want Edward

  • You need a solid Light-type unit for the event, and hate Luca.

  • You’d like a reliable damage-dealing unit with few downsides.

  • You just like Edward. Hey, I’m not one to judge.


Silke, Festive Prankster

Halloween Silke

The whimsical and “kind of needy” Silke appears as a 4* Dragon! Don’t be distracted by her fanciful outfit, as she provides a hefty 20% bonus to both Strength and HP when equipped to a Light Adventurer.

As a Dragon, Silke is relatively straightforward compared to the Adventurers. Her 20/20 buff is the strongest mixed boost of all currently released Light Dragons, making her a nice compromise between Lindworm and Jeanne.

Silke’s Attack debuff is certainly nice, letting her provide some support to the rest of her squad. Overall, she’s not a hugely impactful Dragon, but with Light Dragons being so few, she’s a solid pickup.

Reasons you might want Silke

  • You want a compromise between Lindworm and Jeanne in terms of stat boosts.

  • You like Dragons who provide team support instead of pure damage.

  • You find Silke’s love of humans endearing. Awww.


All the Event Currency boosts stack, so equip as many Event Wyrmprint you as available!

Witch's Kitchen (5 Star)

This Wyrmprint grants a huge +50% (+100% Fully Unbound) boost to Tricker Treats earned, making it one of the very best event Wyrmprints. It also gives some resistance to Blind, but most importantly boosts Skill Damage by 30% (+35% Fully Unbound) when HP is full. This is a great Wyrmrprint for Adventurers like Maribelle and Lily due to their passive abilities.

Of Tricks and Treats (5 Star)

Another of the best event Wyrmprints, it gives a +50% (+100% Fully Unbound) boost to Tricker Treats earned. Granting 5% (+8% Fully Unbound) Shadow Resist, this is a fantastic Wyrmprint for running Shadow dungeons (such as the event!). The Skill Prep granted by this Wyrmprint is nice for healers with long skill charge times, helping them get heals on deck faster. Of all the Wyrmprints, this is the most consistent for running the Event maps.

Silke Lends a Hand (4 Star)

Not only does this Wyrmprint give a hefty 25% (50% Fully Unbound) boost to Snack-O-Lanterns during the event, it grants up to 20% (25% Fully Unbound) Blindness Res and boosts Skill Damage by 10% (15% Fully Unbound). It's great during the event, but also during Imperial Onslaught and other places where Blind is a common affliction.

Pumpkin Pail (3 Star)

This Wyrmprint isn't that useful, granting 15% (20% Fully Unbound) Curse Res to its holder. This means it's only useful when fighting enemies who can curse, and even then only grants a small resistance chance. However, it boosts Snack-O-Lantern intake by up to 25% (50% Fully Unbound), making it a great Wyrmprint for those running the event.