Should you Summon? Eastern Emissaries

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Should you Summon?

The Shadow element  has been chronically lacking in options compared to other elements, so a Shadow-focused New Year's  banner has been long-anticipated. Those who haven't been lucky enough to pull the best in Shadow-- and even some who have-- will rejoice at the chance to improve their team. 

Note that the 4* and 5* offerings of this banner, sans Silke and Dragon’s Countenance, are limited; they will not be added to the permanent pool afterwards. This also means fewer opportunities to unbind. 


Should You Pull? YES

All three Adventurers on this banner have something to offer. While Ieyasu is the obvious goal, a Shadow Axe and Freeze-immune Wind Blade are great characters to get in the interim. Being both limited and of 4* rarity, they’ll be valuable additions to the roster for flexibility with future content. On top of that, Bleeding is an incredibly powerful status-- at least for the moment. Regardless of whether future balancing changes weaken Bleeding, it's another stackable status that's easy to play around. 

Overview of Ieyasu

  • High Strength and Bleeding make him an effective damage-dealer.

  • HP 70% = Critical Rate +10% has great synergy with Critical Damage +20% and follows the current gameplay shift towards critical-boosting equipment. Blade Formation also notably improves Critical Rate against Bleeding enemies, adding even more venues for increased damage.

  • Paralysis res makes him a likely candidate for High Jupiter.

  • The Blade’s Strength Co-Ability starts at 5%, which is a huge boon for the entire team.

Overview of Addis

  • While he has obvious redundancies with Musashi, Freeze Res and High Strength set him apart as a great choice for Water IO.

  • Both Bleeding and Poison increase his passive damage output through status.

  • Bleeding Punisher just enhances his power even further; while other statuses provide a small window for bonus damage, Addis can easily fire off his low-SP Skills within the long duration of Bleeding. 

Overview of Sazanka

  • Two status effects, Sleep and Bleeding, make her an excellent debuffer.

  • Nothing quite beats Overdrive Punisher for boss cycles, but Sazanka's Gauge Accelerator is a close second.

  • Axe players will rejoice to have a Shadow option, though she notably has Paralysis res while Light IO inflicts Blind. Still, the crowd control and Bleed makes her worth bringing on quests even with a mismatched resist.


Should You Pull? YES

Marishiten is the real jackpot of this banner, being a 40-60% Strength booster for Ieyasu, Sazanka, Orion, Nefaria, Kleimann, or any other Shadow attacker.

Silke, while carrying a split 15-20% boost, is still a worthwhile summon for working towards max unbind. Many players have several copies already, due to her being in the permanent pool since launch, and the split boost adds flexibility for frontline melee Adventurers and low-damage healers like Cleo.


Should You Pull? DEPENDS

While Wyrmprints are never the main aim for pulling, it’s worth considering whether these are adequate consolation prizes for their rarity.

  • Heralds of Hinomoto is a solid upgrade over Plunder Pals with 20-25% unconditional Skill Damage and a bit of Skill Haste thrown in. Its only shortcoming is that, compared to the past event Wyrmprint, this one will be quite difficult to unbind.
  • Happy New Year! Is among the first prints with a blanket element resist, but its magnitude is low. Paralysis res is also a pretty incomplete bonus, or a temporary one for Adventurers with fewer Mana Circles unlocked.
  • Hanetsuki Rally is compatible with Blade users like Musashi and Celliera, but Last Offense is a pretty risky and situational passive.
  • King’s Countenance is one to get for Raids, being the highest available bonus for Shapeshift Prep. Dragon’s Arcanum has much better availability, and the upgrade provided by Countenance is marginal, but it never hurts to pull more copies for unbinding and putting on multiple teammates.
  • Vio Rhyse Alberia! is a solid 3* print with Slayer’s Strength. It’s worth having in the collection for flexibility, at the very least.

The Verdict: Go For It

Considering the amount of ammo given during this banner-- in the form of New Year’s gifts and Wyrmite login bonuses-- chances are high that the 4* Adventurers, Silke, and several Wyrmprints will come home. For the chance of some excellent 5* drops, it’s highly reccomended to celebrate the new year with some pulls!