This series of articles is designed to help you decide whether or not summoning on a particular banner is going to be worth it - The Desert Jewel Edition.
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Should you Summon? The Desert Jewel


In Short: YES! Although the Adventurer picks aren’t as good as in other banners, they are still solid picks. But the real treasure here are the Dragons: Both Phoenix and Cerberus are rated up, and they are two of the best dragons in the game. Even the 5* Wyrmprint, Jewels of the Sun, is arguably the new best choice for damage-dealers. However, If you’re well-stocked on Flame-attuned Adventurers and Dragons, giving this one a miss won’t hurt.

When new units arrive, one question remains: Should you summon? This series of articles is designed to help you decide whether or not summoning on a particular banner is going to be worth it.

I’ll be going over the pros and cons of every new Adventurer, Dragon, and Wyrmprint to talk about what makes them good, bad or somewhere in between.

While everyone has different priorities and budgets, one thing we can all agree on is that Wyrmite is is a valuable currency. And once you’ve taken the plunge and summoned, you can’t go back. So, it’s always a good idea to consider the options before going all-in!

The Tenfold Summon Voucher

Everyone is given a free Tenfold Summon Voucher, which can be redeemed for one free Tenfold Summon. Those amongst you with itchy fingers might be tempted to immediately redeem it for some sweet new stuff right away! But wait!

I would like to remind everyone that the voucher has no expiry date, meaning it can be saved and used on future banners! I recommend deciding whether or not you are going to summon before thinking about the voucher. If the banner isn’t right for you, just save it for one that is!

The Desert Jewel


Naveed, Suave Lithomancer

Naveed, Suave Lithomancer

The newest 5* unit is Naveed, a Sword-wielding Flame Adventurer. Off the bat, he excels thanks to a stellar weapon type. Naveed’s two Skills work together to give him a significant boost in power. He’s also one of the few offensive units to get a defensively-oriented skill. His skill set makes him somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades unit.

Naveed comes with Slayer’s Strength, making him a ramping threat in quests with lots of enemies. Thanks to his 100% Sleep Res, Naveed is a monster in Imperial Onslaught. His Skill Prep ability might seem off-kilter, but it helps him build charges of Crystalline Blades. At five charges, Crystalline Blades is a monstrous ability, capable of the highest raw damage in the game.

Should you summon for Naveed?

If you aren’t one of the many players with Ezelith, then YES. Naveed is an excellent damage-dealing unit, boasting a great weapon type. He can self-doublebuff with Valiant Crown and is a very solid choice for Imperial Onslaught. His lack of Stun immunity does put him behind some adventurers in High Midgardsormr, however.

Sinoa, Intrepid Scholar

Sinoa, Intrepid Scholar

Perhaps the weirdest new unit, Sinoa has arrived as a 4* Wand-toting unit. She’s… weird. Her first Skill Custom Concoction gives one of four random buffs to her team, a boost to Strength, Defense, Critical Rate or max HP. With her passive skill Buff Time +20% these buffs last a long time and can overlap if she fires off multiple Custom Concoctions before the buff expires.

She combines this supporting ability with attack power: Sinoa has a secondary attacking Skill, and her first passive boosts Strength when at full HP. She lacks the outright power of other attackers, but she makes up for it with support. And thanks to her Sleep Res +100%, she’s ready to go for the current Raid event.

Should you summon for Sinoa?

In short, NO. Although she’s undeniably loveable, Sinoa isn’t the most reliable support unit around. Her Custom Concoction is fun but is much less reliable than other buffs. In terms of damage, she can’t hope to hold a candle to powerful Flame Adventurers like Xania, Euden, and Vanessa. For these reasons, I must unfortunately not recommend her!

Vida, Knife Fanatic

Vida, Knife Fanatic

As the new featured 3* unit, Vida isn’t likely to be the target of many people’s summons. That and she is Shadow-attuned, means those gunning for Flame-type Adventurers won’t find much consolation in nabbing her. That said, she’s a respectable unit who can support the team with Blind and decent damage.

Vida is a straightforward unit with two attacking Skills and a passive that boosts her Force Strike damage. Unfortunately, she has Stun Resistance, which is not useful for a Shadow-attuned unit. Although she can inflict Blind, this trait is common among Shadow units and does little to separate her from her peers.

Should you summon for Vida?

NO. Due to her weird Stun Resistance and hard competition among Shadow-type Adventurers, Vida is a below-average unit. If you’ve really got a hankering for Dagger-toting, Shadow-lurking, Blind-inflicting Adventurers, you’re much better off with Orion instead.


Cerberus, Underworld Gatekeeper

Cerberus, Underworld Gatekeeper

Don’t let her lack of a Dragon-like appearance dissuade you (Yes, I’m fully aware that her humanlike appearance is a plus for many of you!). Cerberus is an incredible Dragon with a +40/+60% Strength bonus. Her Skill inflicts Burn and lowers enemy Strength and Defense. These factors make Cerberus superior to Agni, allowing her to stand as one of the best Flame Dragon for damage-dealers.

Should you summon for Cerberus?

A resounding YES. She boasts the current best offensive aura, and thanks to her Skill, stands above even the mighty Agni. She’s a perfect pick for those wanting to clear High Midgardsormr, so nab her while she’s rated up!

Phoenix, Bewitching Immortal

Phoenix, Bewitching Immortal

Is it just me, or did Cygames forget what Dragons look like? Although she isn’t a new Dragon, Phoenix is every bit as valuable as Cerberus due to her AOE healing Skill. She has the ability to fully heal even raid groups! Phoenix’s downside is that she boosts HP, not Strength: this means that damage-dealing Adventurers will want to stick to a more offensive Dragon.

Should you summon for Phoenix?

YES. For those unable to get Cerberus, Phoenix is the ultimate consolation prize. She’s an incredibly valuable Dragon, and at 4* she’s easier to get than a 5*. This banner is an amazing opportunity to get her! In fact, Phoenix alone is more than enough reason to summon on this banner!


Jewels of the Sun

Jewels of the Sun

This 5* Wyrmprint gives 5/6% Skill Haste, and HP 70% = Strength + 5/8%. These effects make it one of the best general-purpose Wyrmprints for damage dealers. Particularly noteworthy is the Skill Haste, which is one of the most sought-after passive effects.

Should you summon for Jewels of the Sun?

YES. If there’s one good damage-dealing Wyrmprint around, it’s this one. If you missed out on Valiant Crown or Crystalian Envoy, this is your chance to snag a great Wyrmprint!

Cleo’s Ruse

Cleo’s Ruse

This Wyrmprint is targeted at healers, giving them HP 70% = Healing + 10/13%, and Last Defense 30/40%. Maintaining high HP is easy when using a healer, so this is perhaps the best healing Wyrmprint around. The Last Defense ability isn’t overly useful, however.

Should you summon for Cleo’s Ruse?

YES. This is arguably the best healing Wyrmprint in the game, making it a fantastic pickup. However, if you’re already got an upgraded version of Give me your Wounded, it might be better to give this one a miss.

Samurai Siesta

Samurai Siesta

A 4* Wyrmprint that grants its holder 40/50% Resistance to Sleep. This print is good for patching up a Sleep weakness in Imperial Onslaught. However, with many characters boasting 100% Sleep Resistance, this Wyrmprint is rather useless. The only possible niche I could see it having is on a 3* Adventurer with 50% or less Sleep Res, who wants a boost to 100%. But even then, it would be better to just equip a better Wyrmprint and attempt to dodge.

Should you summon for Samurai Siesta?

NO. If you are having problems with Sleep, just use an Adventurer who resists it 100%. Although, seeing Mikoto play with kittens might just be worth trying to get this heartwarming Wyrmprint.

The Halidom’s Picnic

The Halidom’s Picnic

A 3* Wyrmprint that grants its holder 20/30% Resistance to Sleep. The same as Samurai Siesta, but worse.

Should you summon for The Halidom’s Picnic?

NO. If you summon on this banner for the purposes of getting this Wyrmprint, I will shoot you. This is the worst picnic in the history of picnics, maybe ever.

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