Main Team

Level: 70
Mana Circles:: 31

Being one of two Blind immune Adventurers, Berserker is the most dependable source of DPS. The Living Fortress has no issue with the inevitable facetanking that accompanies auto-battling. If running with strong healers, an offensive second print like Astounding Trick can be considered.

Level: 70
Mana Circles:: 31

Rejoice, for the third fully Blind-resistant Adventurer is here! Her Full HP Skill Damage is going to be null most of the time, but luckily low-cost Skills and Skill Haste add iframes on top of frequent AoE damage. All the strengths of Orion without the drawbacks make her a great teammate for this stage.

Level: 70
Mana Circles:: 21

Cleo is the most accessible healer in the game and has the added bonus of purging the Eyeflies’ occasional Paralysis. Since she's the same element as the team's attackers, maximize her Recovery Potency with two dedicated Wyrmprints.

For those without Nidhogg, Silke is also a viable option. 

Level: 80
Mana Circles:: 35

Hildegarde’s going to be the rock of many teams; with a Regen Shield and burst heal, she gets a lot done. The Greatest Gift serves as a nice player EXP booster, but when more healing is needed, a recovery potency Wyrmprint can easily be swapped out.

Alternate Team Members

Despite being a Blind-immune Adventurer, Kleimann may have trouble surviving due to the squishiness of Wand users. He also loses out on his Force Strike bonus, but the boosted Skill Damage remains a valuable asset for AoE damage.

Both Vice and Erik have 75% Blind Res, good weapon types, and two damaging skills. In the absence of fully Blind immune adventurers, one or both can act as workable DPS options.

To complete his Blindness Res, Syndicate Mask, Silke Lends a Hand, or Witch's Kitchen are recommended. Even without these, Erik's innate Blindness Res will help ensure clears within the time limit.

Orion beats enemies to the punch by inflicting Blindness first. Once Blinded, the boss then has a much lower chance of passing the Affliction to Adventurers.

Nefaria also has a blindness kit, but without the ability to use Force Strikes, she won't be applying the Affliction at all.