Choosing Reroll Targets

This guide helps with rerolling strategy and targets. For a guide explaining how to reroll, see the Reroll Guide.

Choosing who to reroll for can be difficult. There are three main strategies:

  • Roll for your favorite character. Since anyone in Dragalia Lost can be made strong, playing favorites doesn't have any severe repercussions.   
  • Attempting to summon a matching-element Adventurer/Dragon combo.
  • Trying to accumulate as many 5★ Adventurers and Dragons as possible.

Pick a strategy that works for you, and remember that rerolling can take a long time. Delaying the start of the game for too long is no fun, can cause burnout, and is not guaranteed to yield a prefect account.

Generally speaking, the agreed-upon standard for a good reroll is one 5★ Adventurer and one 5★ Dragon, not including the Adventurer from the Guaranteed 5★ Summon Voucher.

Recommended 5★ Adventurers

Although all 5★ Adventurers are strong, some are slightly better to aim for. Adventurers and Dragons come in five different elements, and must match in order to be used properly with each other.

Below is a list of recommended reroll targets in the permanent 5★ Adventurer pool, selected for their ability to cover multiple roles while also being fairly easy to use.

Adventurers are recommended based on their ability to clear difficult content as easily as possible for F2P. Limited summons are not included.

Hildegarde Banner

Hildegarde has been among the best reroll targets since launch thanks to her powerful healing and elemental versatility. She can sub in on several elemental quests without taking extra damage, so is perfect for beginners who have yet to pull element-specific healers.


Xander is a versatile powerhouse with incredible Force Strikes. Thanks to these and his Skills, he can hit a lot of targets while also maintaining the Sword's affinity for single-target damage.


Xainfried is really solid in a well-rounded way-- Lance users enjoy decent survivability, while his Co-Ability and teamwide Strength boost benefits everyone on the field.


Mikoto has the highest Strength of the permanent pool and excels at offense with his Critical-based kit. Although he lacks Sleep Res, Wind Imperial Onslaught is among the easier stages, so he still wreaks havoc with high damage.

Lin You

Being an offense-geared Axe means Lin You balances power and survivability well. While her Bog Res won't be too great in Water Imperial Onslaught, she does have powerful AoE attacks and can stand her ground.

Recommended 5★ Dragons

Dragons differ from Adventurers-- being essentially equipment-- but with such high stat bonuses, they should be considered just as important as Adventurers when rerolling. Below is a list of recommended 5★ Dragons, all of which are excellent for regular content. The endgame consideration to make here is that High Dragon Trials are made much more accessible with a 5★ Gacha Dragon. 

Dragons are recommended based on their ability to provide meaningful stats and abilities for clearing general content, and their ability to synergize well with existing Adventurers. Limited summons are not included.

Current Endgame Dragons

High Brunhilda is the most difficult boss to build budget options for, so rolling for Poseidon or Leviathan outright can help tremendously towards multiple unbinds. Otherwise, any pure Strength boost is valuable.  

Possible Endgame Dragons

This list is speculative based on the Dragons that have been strong in the High Dragon Trials so far. For general use HP-boosting dragons are the least recommended since they need an on-element healer to pair with, but luckily Vixel and Lowen (who go with Garuda and Jeanne d'Arc respectively) are relatively easy to pull. 

Recommended 4★ Adventurers and Dragons

4★ Adventurers

Although they aren't the deciding factor in whether to keep rerolled accounts, 4★ Adventurers make nice additions and can provide a head start on some content. 

Below is a list of the best 4★ Adventurers along with the best Dragon pairings for each.

Adventurers are recommended based on their ability to clear general content as easily as possible for a F2P player. Limited summons are not included.

Verica (Flame): Phoenix

Vanessa (Flame): Cerberus, Agni, Prometheus, Ifrit

Karl (Flame): Cerberus, Agni, Prometheus, Ifrit

Orsem (Water): Leviathan, Vodyanoy, Poseidon, Poli'ahu

Karina (Water): Leviathan, Vodyanoy, Poseidon, Poli'ahu

Thaniel (Water): Poseidon, Poli'ahu

Lowen (Wind): Garuda, Stribog

Musashi (Wind): Zephyr, Roc

Aeleen (Wind): Zephyr, Roc

Odetta (Light): Cupid, Gilgamesh, Lindworm, Liger

Orion (Shadow): Juggernaut, Nidhogg, Silke

Kleimann (Shadow): Juggernaut, Nidhogg, Silke

4★ Dragons

The best thing about 4★ Dragons is their availability for F2P, especially with the addition of Moonlight Stones in the Void Battles Treasure Trade.   

Dragalia Lost provides a free dragon of each element, although only Brunhilda and Zodiark are considered usable due to their Strength boost. This means that Water, Wind, and Light are the most important elements to get a 4★ Dragon in. Below is a list of the most useful 4★ Dragons for new players to own, with the highest priority in italics.

Dragons are recommended based on their overall usefulness for a completely F2P player. Limited summons are not included.

Flame: Phoenix, Ifrit

Water: Vodyanoy, Poli'ahu

Wind: Roc, Stribog

Light: Lindworm, Unicorn

Shadow: Juggernaut, Silke

Note: Phoenix is a special case due to her incredible healing ability. She is an exception amongst 4★ Dragons and is widely considered to be one of the best Dragons in the game.

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