Since Valentine doesn’t have a raid or facility event, can the banner have multiple elements? We can see that (hopefully) Cleo and Elisanne are getting new skins, and maybe Orion and Ezelith too. (Maybe even Hildegarde?)
I just hope that we get a multi-color banner :-)

Asked by Noli036 months 1 week ago


Hmmm yea I definitely think that's possible. Usually the event announcement hints at an element through description or boss pictures but those don't seem to be present.

I really like Cleo and Elisanne but I hope they aren't on the banner or at least 4*; more characters should have a chance at alternates first. Maybe Orion, Ezelith, and Hildegarde as banner units and Cleo/Elisanne are just the story skins to promote the event? It's hard to tell, but we should get more info soon!

I really like Cleo and Elisanne, but only the Ezelith, Orion and maybe Hildegarde makes perfect sense. I really wish they added the story skins to the playable characters though, for example the kimonos from the new year event.

I just feel like saying Euden and Elisanne, and Luca and Eleonora. Heh.
And that we all know that our little boy Cupid's coming back.

I also hope Mym can makes an appearance in this banner as well. She desperately need a date with the prince lol

Confirmed to be Flame element. Hilde, Ezelith, and Orion are getting alts.

...too bad I'm skipping. Only thing with slight interest was Ezelith (who's using a bow), and they may be mixing in a non-limited dragon, so I may encounter him in the future.

Orion chose poorly on his weapon choice, since there's huge competition in flame swords (Naveed, Karl, the main character...), while Hilde is obviously going to elude me and has competition with Verica.