Is it worth buying? I’m curious but if it isn’t great then there’s no point.

Asked by axelfure5 months 1 week ago


by Trayce 5 months 1 week ago

The Paddle doesn't have an element, so it doesn't provide as much raw stats as a 5 star weapon that is the same element as the adventurer. I'm not sure about how good the skill is.

I but it and i find it's a nice weapon, she has the STR or a MUB 4*weapon, the animation is really cool and she do great gamage with a nice range. Worth it to me and all my sword character, hope it help

It's basically a 0 unbound T2 5* Sword.
It has 5 more HP and 41 less attack than a T2 5* sword.
I'd say only get it if you like the skill. (or you really want to save that 1 sand)