After few gala dragalia summoning videos and comment, i was thinking that, ‘isn’t gala dragalia just a totally bait banner, no matter how good the unit is?’ My point is, off banner 5* have 5,5% rate out of 6%, meaning that we’ll have 91,7% to get any 5* besides featured adventurer. I was expecting this kind of summoning system will appear sooner or later, just like FEH, but this is honestly disappointing. Not to mention, it makes wrymprint spook even worse than before. Unless they’re planning to renew gala dragalia, i’m going to pass on every gala banner.
What do you guys think?

Asked by codelyoko165 months 1 week ago


These banners are only good for people who are ok with any 5*. The wyrmprint/dragon/adventurer ratio is the same for any banner(3/1.5/1.5 vs 2/.5/.5) so the wyrmprint 'spook' hasn't changed. Essentially, you do have a higher chance to get more dragons/adventurers than a regular banner because you are going to get more 5 stars.

The featured unit is at 0.5, which is like the focus on any regular banner. I wish they'd at least make the focus half of the 5* adventurer rate (.75) because trying to pull for the featured is essentially the same as any banner.

If you're talking about efficiency, then you should pull on gala banners because they will give you more 5* in general vs a regular/limited banner.

This gala banner is very much so a bait banner, no point in summoning if you already have good 5* units. However, I do think that this is a prime banner to re-roll on for any newer players who are still going through that, or for anyone who wants to try starting an alt-account and would want to re-roll for it.

With the free 10 fold ticket and a free 5* adventurer summon right now, plus the increased summon rate, this is a great time for this.