Does sarisse looks good stats and ability wise? Who's planning to summon on this banner?

Asked by codelyoko165 months 1 week ago


yet more limited-time units, that's three in a row...

Statwise, it's not bad, she has a lot of HP (actually the highest in the game) and her strength isn't too bad. She also has a nice buff skill that will be paired up with her 30% buff-time and her first skill nicely. She also has dual 100% status resistances, so she can do both IO and HMS consistently. If you need a powerful fire unit, summon for her.

Personally, fire is already my strongest team by far so I don't need her, yet I'm still debating if I should summon for her due to her being limited only to this new banner, plus she is a really powerful unit still. I guess we'll see tomorrow when the rest of the banner gets revealed along with the event.

At least she’ll always appear every gala summoning event(but not featured one), so us players can relax our wrymites, diamantium and tickets for a bit
I don’t have flame 5* since my account is still new, but i’ll probably use verica cuz i have phoenix+1 & give me your wounded for her. Not sure if i should though, healers are mostly useless on low difficulty quest

I was hoping to save up after dealing with the bad luck during the New Year banner. That pity rate is still sitting there!

And they start off with a character I like. Cygames is being cruel, lol.

Well, I already have 3 5* flame adventurers, one of which was promoted from 4*, so I can probably skip...

Just save for Mym ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

She looks alright to me. She can get the 7/7 buffs needed for maximum damage on her s1 easily through her kit, weapon/wymprint, and Sinoa. Double resistance is also pretty good.

Like every character, we'll need to see the sp costs and damage multipliers to see how good she really is. Also not a fan of her buff becoming a defense buff on the second use.

I have a good fire team, don't like ranged units, don't really care for Sarisse, so easy skip for me. Time to save for Valentines!

I'd do it just for her insane Strength boost Ability, those amount to a ton of extra damage from the entire team.

It's 20% for 13 seconds(buff time ability) right? That seems comparable with Xainfried and his doesn't feel that strong due to SP cost. Plus the second time it's used, it buffs defense instead meaning less DPS.

Unless the SP cost is low enough to cycle back to the attack buff quickly, it seems kinda ehhh.

So, it seems that Sarisse is the only new unit, no new dragons and no new wyrmprints, but there's a higher chance to get 5* and Sarisse is the only one with increased rate. I don't think it's really worth it to summon unless you need a fire adventurer or lack 5*s of any kind.

by Miran 5 months 1 week ago

I've used up everything for Sarrrrissse but with 11 tenfolds I was just able to get the 2 wyrmprints tough love ans bretheren smth welp. I guess 6% isn't that big of an increase

by Ergo 5 months 1 week ago

I basically threw everything I had into the New Years banner and had some of the worst summoning luck I’ve ever experienced. I can only do daily deals for a while now and to my complete shock my daily deal tonight netted a Sarisse. I didn’t even get a rainbow circle initially, just a gold one. Then when the bow dropped it turned into a rainbow.