So I managed to pull Ieyasu and Marishiten, very very pleased with that. First time since I started playing the game that I got both the banner 5* dragon and 5* adventurer, this seems like the banner to do that on. Anyway, I have a few 5* wyrmprints and was looking for advice on which one to use.

What I have (excluding event wyrmprints and obviously inappropriate ones like Heavenly Holiday):

The Prince of Dragonyule (0/4 UB)
Resounding Rendition (0/4 UB)
Gentle Winds (0/4 UB)
Jewels of the Sun (MUB, I know, I got fortunate with this one)
Worthy Rivals (0/4 UB)
Flash of Genius (0/4 UB)
Valiant Crown (0/4 UB)

I'm currently using Resounding Rendition on him. Should I switch over to Jewels of the Sun just based on the fact that it's MUB? Resounding Rendition looks like it has bonuses better suited to Ieyasu. Am I on the right track here?

Asked by Kairax5 months 1 week ago


Resounding Rendition I'd argue is the best for him since it gives crit chance and skill damage. All the others I feel don't do him justice simply because they have some sort of lackluster conditional benefit that isn't as good as RR.

Under ideal circumstances, a Ieyasu with 40nodes at 70% or up hp can have 15% crit chance with RR, with a 5* dagger teammate it goes to 20%, with blade formation against a bleeding target it goes up 35%. So yeah it amazing what this guy's crits can do, especially if paired with a dragon that has high hit counts like Marishiten.

Yeah, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have pulled both Ieyasu and Marishiten. Now I just need to MUB Marishiten and Resounding Rendition. I imagine High Jupiter, when he arrives, will be fed into a woodchipper by that combination.