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Latest Questions


I'm close to get the wyrmprint for the High Midgardstorm trial and I was wondering if Naveed is a good choice for that.
I'll try clearing it once I have a 5* elemental weapon, but i heard…

Asked by Yezzo97
23 minutes 42 seconds ago

Hi guys,
During the event I have a doubt about the efficient use of stamina. Until now I was doing almost all the daily rewards in their expert and master modes. The question is whether this…

Asked by 3DEric
1 day 2 hours ago

I’m looking to invest into either Karl or Sinoa. Which one would be a better option?

My current flame team:

1 day 11 hours ago

About a month ago, I asked whether I should unbind my Leviathan because I ended up pulling two copies during the his focus banner, and ended up keeping it around since I thought that I would never…

Asked by Master NaCl
2 days 18 hours ago

Is there a difference between the two? For instance, a fully unbound Louise's Hobbies wyrmprint will give recovery potency +10% while Cleo's Ruse gives healing +10% when hp is over 70%. I'm…

Asked by Blargmarffins
3 days 5 hours ago

So, which have you guys found to be a better source? Expert Windmaul, or Master Imperial Fire? Which is quicker and gets more in relation to the stamina/getherwings spent?

Asked by kratos10987
3 days 21 hours ago

Just pull Louise, Maribelle, Naveed and Tough Love Wyrmprint in a Tenfold pul. And all I asked was Lowen. I am so happy right now!

Asked by Krid3r
4 days 1 hour ago

For example, will the Sweet Retreat keep giving Light units stat boosts?

Asked by F2Pguy
4 days 15 hours ago

These are my wind units so far. I also have 3 Sylvias, 3 Midgardsormrs, and Roc. Am I good enough for the event or should I pull on the banner?

Asked by F2Pguy
4 days 17 hours ago

So I got a wyrmprint that gives a +3% str boost for every 3 enemies killed with a force strike up to 5 times, so I was wondering, if you put it on someone like ranzal with slayer's strength, (…

Asked by Blargmarffins
4 days 19 hours ago