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Latest Questions


If I don’t have a max unbound Leviathan, is there any hope of my Orsem surviving that opening blast?

Don’t have any other 5 star water dragon to speak of, or any MUB water dragon other than…

Asked by kratos10987
6 minutes 43 seconds ago

So this happened.

Have this happened to you guys?

Asked by Makina
12 hours 46 minutes ago

I have a few of them so wondering if it is even worth unbinding

Asked by DragaliaNub
1 day 9 hours ago

Who is worth spending Eldwater on to promote?

Asked by Halera
2 days 1 hour ago

If i don’t have any usable light adventurer and dragon, would you guys recommend summoning on this banner? They aren’t limited edition and valentines is around the corner, and i wont have enough…

Asked by codelyoko16
2 days 14 hours ago

I just downloaded the game and im wondering what would be the best way to start. Is it worth to reroll and if so what units should i aim for on the current banners? Are there any time limited…

Asked by Fortune
3 days 5 hours ago

So I was wondering, I just started playing and missed out on some adventurers, I wanted to know if for example, I wanted someone in the Dragonyule banner, would it be possible to pull them in…

Asked by CasterPrince
4 days 23 hours ago

I've been playing this game for a week now, and I have questions about weapons. Up to what point is worth to invest in a 3* elemental weapon?

I mean, I'm in a point were I can't forge a 4*…

Asked by plerti
6 days 4 hours ago

After few gala dragalia summoning videos and comment, i was thinking that, ‘isn’t gala dragalia just a totally bait banner, no matter how good the unit is?’ My point is, off banner 5* have 5,5%…

Asked by codelyoko16
1 week ago

Does sarisse looks good stats and ability wise? Who's planning to summon on this banner?

Asked by codelyoko16
1 week 1 day ago