Next Dragalia Lost Event Leak - Kindness and Captivity

Early intel on Dragalia Lost's next massive raid event - Kindness and Captivity!
Change Log

The Halloween Event is barely over, and information on the next Dragalia Lost Event is already leaking out!


Kindness and Captivity

  • 16 Adventurer Raid Event
  • 2018/10/31 ~ 11/12 
  • Wind-type Raid Boss named Hypnos - Bring Sleep resistant Fire adventurers!

Information about Kindness and Captivity, the next raid event, will be added to the page as more becomes available.

Credits to the Dragalia Lost Discord for the following graphics.

Leaked Info

Event Preview

event preview

Background featuring: Melsa, a cute sylvan girl 

Melsa Speculation

Heroine of the event, Melsa will likely be the free (earnable) 4★ Adventurer for the event. Consensus opinions at GamePress believes she'll be a Dagger Flame user.

Also, she's 1000% cute.

Summoning Speculation

If Kindness and Captivity follows pattern of the previous Raid Event, we'll likely see another three new adventurers and a new dragon:

  • 5★ Adventurer, likely Fire 
  • 4★ Adventurer, likely Fire
  • 3★ Adventurer, random
  • a 4★ or 5★ Dragon with rate-ups, in addition to the 5★ event Dragon
  • A number of new Wyrmprints, one of which is likely to be event specific

Preview Text

Prince! You've gotta do something!

My friend Melsa needs our help!!

Her village weas raided by those Empire jerks, and the dragon that protects them was captured!

Melsa doesn't deserve this!

We have to help her!

Coming soon to Dragalia Lost...

"Come on, Melsa! We're saving your village!"

16 Adventurer Raid!

16 boss fight

New Earnable 5★ Dragon

claim a dragon
  • Event Dragon: Hypno

  • Rarity: 5★

  • Element: Wind

  • Abilities: Inflicts Sleep

Trivia: The raid Dragon appears to be based on Sylvia, from one of Cygames' earlier releases called Knights of Glory. That game has since shut down, but many characters in Dragalia Lost are based on the artwork from that game.