New Year's Tidings: Fortune from Afar Event Guide

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About the Event

The New Year’s Tidings: Fortune from Afar raid event begins on 2018/12/31 14:00 UST and lasts until 2018/1/10 13:59 UST. During this event, one can use Co-op Play to fight against the Light raid boss, Shishimai!

This Raid event features a new story and pits players against a series of New year themed maps culminating with a challenging 16-man Raid Battle. There are many rewards to be obtained, notably including a new 4* Adventurer, 4* Wyrmprint and a 5* Dragon!

Need some tips to take down Shishimai? Have a look at our Shishimai Battle Strategy Guide!

Important Information

  • During raid battles, players will only recover 1/4 of the usual amount of HP from certain skills and abilities.

  • Your individual team must meet the required Might to challenge the raid battle.

  • Blazons, Emblems, or Otherworld Fragments obtained in this event cannot be used in future events.

Event Currencies

There are two main currencies: Peregrine Blazons and Emblems.

Peregrine Blazons

Peregrine Blazons are earned through completing Boss Battle: Ieyasu’s Crucible and Raid Battle: Shishimai Showdown. They can be used in Blazon Summon, which grants a wide variety of rewards from a continually depleting pool. Once Shishimai has been earned from a Blazon Summon, the pool can be refreshed which enables all rewards to be obtainable again. Most importantly, Blazon Summons can also yield copies of Shishimai and Luck of the Draw.

Blazons are earned through all difficulties of Shishimai Showdown and Ieyasu's Crucible.


Emblems come in three varieties: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. They are used to unlock one-time rewards, which can be claimed by navigating to Emblems in the event menu. As more types of each emblem are earned, more rewards are unlocked along their respective tracks.

See the below chart for information on where Emblems can be obtained, and an approximate estimate of much is awarded from each quest. This does not include rewards from hosting co-op games.

Efficiency Tips

  • Farming only the Expert and Special raid boss modes won't be enough to collect all the rewards.

  • The best way of collecting each type of Emblem is as follows:

    • Bronze: Use Wings or Stamina to farm Ieyasu’s Crucible on Expert.

    • Silver: Use Stamina to farm Shishimai Showdown on Standard

    • Gold: Use Wings to farm Shishimai Showdown on Expert, and clear Shishimai Showdown on Special as often as possible.

  • Resetting the Blazon Rewards will allow one to get copies of Shishimai at a quicker rate.

  • Using Botan in quests unrelated to the event will still build up her friendship.

  • Make sure to use all of your Blazon Summons before this event ends, as they are not carried over to the next event.

Quest Bronze Emblems Silver Emblems Gold Emblems
Ieyasu's Crucible: Expert 20 10
Shishimai Showdown: Beginner 20 5
Shishimai Showdown: Standard 20 5
Shishimai Showdown: Expert 5 20
Shishimai Showdown: Special 10 100

Notable Rewards


The event unit is Botan, a 4* Shadow-attuned Lance user. She has Thaumian’s Bane to boost damage against Shishimai, and is otherwise a solid unit with decent Skills, although she lacks +100% Affliction Resist, an annoying trait shared by most free units released so far.

Upon starting the event, Botan will join as a Temporary Character: Someone who appears in your collection but won't stay past the event. To keep her for good, take her along in quests-- this will raise her Friendship Level.

Once her Friendship level maxes out at 500, Botan will become yours permanently. Investment into her will not be wasted, as she’ll maintain her stats and levels upon joining permanently. The current friendship level of Botan can be checked at any time by visiting the event page.


Shishimai is a 5* Light Dragon who boosts Critical Damage by +50/70%. Multiple copies of Shishimai can be obtained, enough to fully unbind him. Copies can be obtained through Blazon Summons, or by collecting a total of 100 Silver Emblems.

Luck of the Draw

This Wyrmprint grants 15/20% Paralysis Res and (Shadow) Buff Time +15/20%. An unlimited amount of copies can be earned, and methods of obtaining include:

  • Upon collecting 6 or 120 Bronze Emblems.

  • Upon collecting 20, 280 or 420 Silver Emblems.

  • As a reward through Blazon Summons.

New Year’s gifts

When clearing the Boss Battle and Raid Battle, players have a small chance to bag New Year’s gifts. Each demolished raid boss part has a small chance to drop Summon tickets,and a very small chance to drop a Damascus Ingot or Golden Key. Up to two gifts can be earned in a Raid Battle.


Other notable rewards include:

  • 11x Summon Vouchers.

  • 4x Knights Testament and 1x Champions Testament

  • 3x Twinkling Sand

  • 3x Sunlight Ore

  • Large amounts of Eldwater, Rupies, and Mana.