Guide and overview of the High Midgardsormr boss battle, based on the first ever clear by a group of Japanese players.
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High Midgardsormr Guide

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A month after the game’s launch, the most difficult content in Dragalia Lost is a boss battle against the dragon High Midgardsormr. A prohibitive amount of progression and resources are needed to even survive the boss, but several Japanese players have recently achieved the first clear. From the battle-- which was captured on video-- it becomes evident how to conquer the challenge.

Massive thanks to ツクヨミ(Tsukuyomi) and すみけん (Sumiken) for sharing video footage and discussing the fight! Their Twitter accounts can be found @Gilgames_alice and @SUM1TA.


Several things will be needed to clear this boss battle:

The Glorious Tempest Wyrmprint gives crucial resistance to High Midgardsormr’s attacks, many of which can’t be dodged. This is obtained using Insignias (gathered in Imperial Onslaught) and a max unbound copy of the Greatwyrm Midgardsormr Wyrmprint.

Gathering Insignias and copies will be a long grind, but thankfully a single copy of Glorious Tempest comes max unbound and ready to level. If possible, refrain from leveling the Greatwyrm version and save resources for raising the stat bonuses on Glorious Tempest since in order to reach the minimum HP you will likely need this close to or at max level.

High Midgardsormr begins the fight with an undodgeable initial attack, Calamitous Storm. Because the attack is unavoidable, Adventurers fighting High Midgardsormr must reach certain HP thresholds.

This table shows how much HP is required for Adventurers to survive, assuming they are Wind-element and equipped with Glorious Tempest. There are different values for Melee and Ranged classes, as they have slightly different innate damage reduction.

(Damage is slightly random, so it's possible to survive when under these HP values-- they represent the amount required for a 100% survival rate).

Weapon Class HP without boost HP with +7% Boost HP with +11% Boost
Melee 1624 1518 1463
Ranged 2029 1897 1828
Glorious Tempest Wyrmprint

5★ Flame Weapons. For most Adventurers, elementally attuned weapons are required to reach the HP threshold for surviving High Midgardsormr’s initial attack. 5★ elemental weapons are recommended, as they'll most assuredly provide enough damage to defeat Midgardsormr before timing out. 

Team Options

  • Flame Adventurers: Mikoto, Euden, Ezelith, Vanessa, Verica, Naveed
  • Armor Debuff: Ezelith or Vanessa
  • Stun Resistance: Vanessa, Verica, Euden, Mikoto
  • Stun Removal: Verica
  • Max Damage: Mikoto, Vanessa
  • Maximum Overdrive Gauge Damage: Euden, Naveed

Attack Patterns

Enemy Stats

HP863,164Rank: 1 / 840
STR7,230Rank: 1 / 840

Calamitous Storm

This is the initial all-encompassing burst of wind that acts as a survival check for the quest. Because it can’t be dodged, the only way to get through this is by having high HP and carrying the Glorious Tempest Wyrmprint. It also inflicts Stun, which is why Adventurers with Stun Resistance are ideal for the battle.

Trident Tempest

This attack is a barrage of three tornadoes covering a 90 degree wedge. Purple indicators mean this one needs to be dodged manually, but luckily it can be avoided my moving outside the “quadrant” of the screen his attack covers. There are also small spaces in between the tornadoes, which will suffice when getting completely outside the attack isn’t possible.

Overdrive Variant: This version covers a full 360 degrees, shooting out eight tornadoes total. The best way to avoid it is by moving further away from its center into the safe triangles between tornadoes. He winds up by jumping into the air and taking flight, so upon seeing this animation be sure to move towards the outside of the map where the safe areas become larger.  

Trident Tempest OD

Gale Blast

High Midgardsormr creates three stationary tornadoes, which hover in random locations on the stage and do damage to anyone nearby. They can be anticipated by smaller gusts of wind the dragon spits across the map one by one, which scatter and gradually grow larger until landing in their final spot. Once there, the team must simply reposition to avoid hitting these storms.

Overdrive Variant: Four tornadoes appear in a semi-circle on one side of the map, then consecutively follow a straight path across the map. They don’t move very quickly, but because they cover such a broad area, it’s easy to get caught by these. If one is headed towards a teammate, they can be dodged with skill iframes.  

Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser

Purple circles will appear centered underneath each Adventurer and move with them-- the AoE “chases” the player. Once the indicator reaches the edge, this skill does damage that stacks where circles overlap. Players should respond by immediately scattering across the map to isolate each circle and avoid taking multiplied damage.  

Tattered Sky

This is a homing attack in which Midgardsormr will choose a single player to target and charge up a massive column of wind. The final attack’s damage (being a fixed amount) is divided amongst players hit, becoming survivable when the whole team takes it. Once the crosshairs and red indicator appear, gather around that spot and stay within the circle to split the damage and save the targeted teammate.  

Tattered Sky Attack

Golem Reinforcements (Summon Help)

Three rock golems will be summoned, two of which move and one of which is stationary. Moving golems will have red indicators, while the immobile one winds up an attack that slowly fills a purple indicator. This rock throw covers the whole map, so be sure to eliminate all three golems before the indicator reaches the edge.  


High Midgardsormr
  • Rewards include Dragonfruit, Windwyrm's Squallscales, Talonstones and most importantly, Windwyrm's Greatspheres.
  • Windwyrm's Greatspheres can be used to purchase copies of High Midgardsormr from the Treasure Trade in the Shop. He is a 5* Wind Dragon that grants +20% to HP and Strength, a bonus that increases to 30% when fully unbound.
  • Additional copies after the first cost 120 Windwyrm's Greatsphere and 100 Windwyrm's Sphere (obtainable from regular Midgardsormr).
  • The epithet ‘Conqueror of Wind’ will be unlocked upon first clearing the battle.
  • Currency from this fight can also be used on buying the Fafnir Statue (Wind), a Halidom building which boosts the stats of Wind Dragons.

World Records

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