High Brunhilda Guide covering equipment, preparations and an outline of attack rotations.
Change Log

The Next High Dragon

High Brunhilda was released alongside the Dragonyule Defenders Content Update on 12/16/2018. Soaring above High Midgardsormr, she raised the ceiling for endgame difficulty with an even tougher HP check and strict DPS requirements. An extremely prohibitive amount of resources are needed to even join the fight, with new F2P options such as Peng Lai slowly emerging.

While the required equipment may at first be discouraging, it’s worth noting that High Brunhilda is super end-game content. Most players are just at the stage of considering a character or farming insignias, at the beginning of a weeks-long equipment grind.

Players with already-abundant materials and progression jumped on the challenge immediately. The first-ever clear was done within 24 hours of the release, using a team of Thaniel, Orsem, and two Xainfrieds.

High Brunhilda Equipment Guide

HP Threshold

HP HP +7% HP +12% HP +15%
Melee (Water) 2165 2023 1950 1882
Ranged (Water) 2705 2529 2437 2353

This guide is written assuming Xainfried is present with his Co-Ability upgraded twice. It’s a must for survival, even with maxed equipment.

Average required Strength: ~2400, though less is okay for practicing with more experienced teammates.

The Burn

Burn Res will make the fight against High Brunhilda much easier. High damage ticks constantly for 45 seconds, and while it’s not lethal, it will keep Adventurers sitting at the brink of death with 1 HP. This leads to peril when the unavoidable attacks such as Flame Chaser start; while a well-timed heal or Break can save them, it’s best to learn the rotations with a burn-resistant character.

The probability of being burned is mathematically 200%, which also scales unfavorably:

$$ Affliction Chance = Proc Chance * (1 - Resistance) $$

Burn Res 0% 25% 50% 75% 100%
Chance of being Burned 200% 150% 100% 50% 0%
A Burn chance over 100% signifies additional damage taken. Because of this, only 100% Burn Resistant, on-meta Adventurers will be listed under builds.

Gearing Up


Like High Midgardsormr, High Brunhilda's battle involves a great deal of preparation:

  • The Volcanic Queen Wyrmprint
  • 45-50 Mana Circles
  • Crafted Elemental Weapon
  • Max unbound Dragon. 5★ gacha Dragons (such as Leviathan, Poseidon and Dragonyule Jeanne) can sometimes be 3UB, but the budget options (Vodyanoy, Poli'ahu, and Peng Lai) must be max unbound. 
  • Maxed Water Altars, Yuletree, and 16+ Dojos. See the Facilities page to estimate the costs of buildings.

Many of these require an incredibly long Imperial Onslaught grind, especially for those crafting 5★ weapons. Vermillion Insignias will be a main target for the Volcanic Queen wyrmprint, which can be bought as five separate copies or max unbound.


Calculations done using Jun Li’s Stats Calculator.

The essential build, Xainfried protects the party with his HP Co-Ability and supplies periodic Strength with Guardian’s Fury. The Ocean Lord Lance also supports Thaniel with additional healing. 50 Mana Circles is highly recommended due to the party benefits; while two Co-Ability upgrades is the minimum, a higher HP boost will be a huge help to the entire party.  

Despite their completely different passives, Dragonyule Jeanne D’Arc and Leviathan lead to roughly similar damage outcomes for Xainfried, so these two can be used interchangeably.

HP STR Mana Circles Dragon Weapon Altars Yuletree Dojos
2006 2136 50

30/30 30 16/16
2008 2474 45

30/30 30 16/16
1952 2148 45

30/30 30 22/21
1955 2368 45

30/30 30 22/22
1950 2235 50

30/30 30 20/20

Burn Res makes Thaniel the optimal healer choice for High Brunhilda. His main dilemma is choosing between the Marine Staff and Bracing Waters-- while a 5★ weapon gives much greater stats, the Marine Staff's additional heal is indispensable for saving teammates. Poseidon enables Thaniel to bring it and still have enough HP, but Peng Lai users will need Bracing Waters (or Xainfried’s Co-Ability with maxed Staff Dojos) to get enough HP for a 100% survival rate.

With either build, the crux of playing Thaniel will be charging SP off his Staff combo. He is also responsible for baiting Crimson Inferno away from the group for maximum damage uptime.

HP STR Mana Circles Dragon Weapon Altars Yuletree Dojos
2555 1681 45

30/30 30 16/16
2441 1868 50

30/30 30 20/18
2629 1880 45

30/30 30 16/16
2438 1512 50

30/30 30 18/18
2441 1432 50

30/30 30 28/28
2377 1284 50

30/30 30 30/30

Orsem is the party's leader in DPS, with frequent Criticals boosted by Cobalt Strength. Unlike Xainfried, Orsem does higher damage with Dragonyule Jeanne thanks to his Critical-based kit, but Leviathan users will still see respectable numbers. 

Aside from doing damage, Orsem's main role will be baiting attacks such as Fire Breath. 

HP STR Mana Circles Dragon Weapon Altars Yuletree Dojos
1950 2140 45

30/30 30 16/16
1954 2286 50

30/30 30 16/16
1951 2197 50

30/30 30 28/27
1951 2366 50

30/30 30 28/27
1950 2660 45

30/30 30 16/16

Being a ranged damage-dealer, Lily is a tough one to bring-- but for those who can manage it, she comes with an excellent Co-Ability and good damage. She’s a second choice to Orsem due to being ranged and needing the split Poseidon to meet the higher HP check.

An interesting option for Lily is the Rod of Tears, which comes with a Defense Boost she can use during Scorching Blast. This enables Leviathan, but leaves her extra squishy with about 600 less HP.

HP STR Mana Circles Dragon Weapon Altars Yuletree Dojos
1950 2140 45

30/30 30 16/16
1954 2286 45

30/30 30 16/16
1951 2197 45

30/30 30 16/16

Attack Rotations

Table Version

Thaniel's most essential heals are listed in italics.

Phase One

Opens with Scorching Blast, the HP check.

  • Brunhilda jumps backwards.

  • Fire Breath indicated by exclamation marks above her head.

  • Dash attacks and swipe

  • Healing Wave

  • A divebomb, Crimson Inferno 1, in which she jumps in the air, targets the furthest character (usually Thaniel or Lily) and lands in an orb of fire. Unlike the regular trials variant, the circle is much larger and not telegraphed.

  • Volcanic Blitz 1 or “the volcanoes” leave solid barriers which ranged attackers can hide behind. Since they’re telegraphed, try to land these surrounding High Brunhilda so that they box her in.

  • Another Crimson Inferno 2 dive.

  • Fire Breath

  • Healing Wave

  • Hellfire 1 is a series of four radial blasts punctuated by dash attacks. The way to avoid these is by hiding inside or behind the volcanoes, though one will disintegrate with each blast. Note that the dash attacks have knockback, so players hit by these are especially vulnerable to the hellfire blasts. If anyone gets hit, use Healing Wave or Marine Healing.

  • Seafarer’s Pride right before Flame Chaser lands

  • Flame Chaser 1: Another homing attack, analogous to Midgardsormr’s Storm Chaser but much larger. Separate immediately to four corners of the map, leaving DPS (Orsem or Xainfried) near the boss.

  • Searing Pillar 1: Pile on top of one another to divide the damage. 

  • Marine Healing

  • Fire Breath

  • The Meteors, a series of four purple telegraphed attacks that sequentially target one player. Dodge-roll these and stay moving so that they land along one side of the map, preferably away from teammates.

  • Healing Wave

  • Crimson Inferno 3


    Phase Two

    Opens with Grand Muspelheim which is initiated by High Brunhilda reaching Overdrive. 

    • Boss takes flight and creates a huge patch of lava dividing the platform. Everyone should gather one one side for the next Searing Pillar. Thaniel and Lily can Force Strike her a bit, while Xainfried can stab from a distance (but only using the first stab of his weapon combo)

    • Seafarer’s Pride right as the red marker appears

    • Searing Pillar 2; order is reversed now.

    • Healing Wave

    • Flame Chaser 2. Once again, the goal is to scatter and keep Orsem near the boss.

    • Marine Healing

    • Meteors

    • Crimson Inferno

    • Fire Breath

    • Volcanic Blitz 2

    • Hellfire 2, use Healing Wave as needed

    • Flame Chaser 3

    • Searing Pillar 3

    • Fire Breath

    Phase Three

    Opens with Grand X Muspelheim.

    • Flame Chaser 4, now the lava patch is a chunky x-shape with four safe corners. The group should divide based on pre-planned coordination, and Thaniel uses Healing Wave once the purple markers appear. 

    • Afterwards, the barrier clears and Searing Pillar 4 begins. Time to use Marine Healing if the party is in trouble.

    • Volcanic Blitz 3

    • Crimson Inferno

    • Fire Breath

    • Hellfire 3 

    • Flame Chaser 5

    • Searing Pillar 5. If Brunhilda’s health is low at this point, the targeted player may wish to sacrifice themselves and take the Pillar alone, allowing others to finish off the boss. A well-timed Shapeshift can also be used at this time, though the targeting is random.


    Volcanic Blitz and Hellfire

    Brunhilda will target each player with a homing purple AoE that does minimal damage, applies Burn, and leaves a volcano obstacle. Then come waves of Hellfire which must be blocked by standing in or behind the volcanoes. These will disintegrate one by one with each Hellfire, so placing them in a line surrounding High Brunhilda is ideal. Overlapping the second and  fourth volcanoes lines up a replacement for lost safe spots.

    Flame Chaser and Searing Pillar

    Notice how the second sequence reverses order? This is deliberate-- coordination is key to navigating around the two different Muspelheims. Tanking both hits requires full HP, so most of Thaniel’s heals will be timed around these.

    For the Muspelheim's single line of lava, most players gather on the right to take Searing Pillar. For X-Muspelheim, which is followed by a Flame Chaser, the team must instead split up into four corners.

    Fire Breath

    This is a 180 degree sweep going left to right, centered on the nearest player (likely Orsem). Look for an exclamation mark appearing above her head.

    There are several ways to avoid this attack:

    • Best: Bait away from group entirely
    • Okay: Bait right so that the flame moves clockwise, giving Thaniel and Lily time to move away
    • Last resort: Skill iframes 


    • ‘Conqueror of Flame’ Epithet
    • High Brunhilda 5★ Dragon (bought and unbound with Flamewyrm’s Greatspheres)
    • Flame Fafnir Statue
    • Dragonfruit, Talonstones, Flamewyrm’s Scaldscales


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