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Setting a Helper

To set a Helper, go to the "More" menu, then "Friends" and finally "Helper Settings." This will lead to a screen for choosing the Adventurer and accompanying equipment in the Weapon, Wyrmprint and Dragon slots.

Helper Settings

A Helper is an Adventurer set for use by anyone on that player’s Friend List. Assists are only available for single-player modes, but there are a few Skills that can save an otherwise difficult fight.  

Things to keep in mind when choosing a Helper:

  • Only Skill 1 is included, so it's best to use an Adventurer with high Mana Circles (Skill 1 has been upgraded to Level 3)
  • They are counted as Full HP for the purpose of casting that Skill.
  • Weapon, Wyrmprint, Dragon and Ability bonuses apply, making this an excellent opportunity to use Full HP effects that are normally difficult to maintain.
Full HP Wyrmprints

Skill Animations

Longer animations offer more evasion, but come at the risk of being locked into an animation. When using these, steer clear of telegraphed attacks.

Quicker animations are more difficult to time around evasion, but also less intrusive. Quick damage Skills are best for maximizing attacking uptime with regular weapon combos.


Character Notes
Lucretia Extra Energy Level, huge Light AoE
Mikoto Quick iframes, burst damage, Flare Stance applies to user
Halloween Elisanne Broad AoE, Skill Shift applies to party
Hildegarde Burst Heal, long iframes
Vixel Regen Heal, short iframes
Verica Regen Heal, short iframes
Maribelle Save The Day is made even more powerful with Full HP=Skill Damage +40%. Long iframes while Maribelle jumps in the air.
Ieyasu Use with Botan, Sazanka, Addis, or another Ieyasu to stack Bleed.
Annelie Broad AoE, crowd control, Skill Shift, Energy Level, Stun
Dragonyule Cleo Extra Energy Level, AoE Freeze
Valentine's Hildegarde Regen heal, long iframes, Energy Levels
Character Notes
Lily Freeze, long iframes, takes advantage of Full HP Strength passive
Orion Quick Iframes, AoE, Blindness
Orsem Quick Iframes, AoE
Lowen Burst heal, short iframes
Euden AoE, quick iframes
Melsa Quick Iframes, AoE
Elisanne STR buff
Sazanka AoE, long iframes, Bleeding
Botan Bleeding
Character Notes
Kleimann Shadowshackle is a good attack, but difficult to aim relative to similar AoEs.
Ryozen Defense Up is a plus for longer Doublebuffs.
Cibella Shield Skill
Ezelith Long Skill animation
Julietta Powerful, but linear Skill
Nefaria Blindness works well with other Nefarias
Hawk Stun compatible with other Hawks
Musashi Poison, quick iframes
Addis Poison, quick iframes

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