Titles and Epithet unlock methods for Dragalia Lost.
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Epithets and How to Get Them
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The main character starts out the game known as the Dragonblood Prince. As the story progresses, he becomes branded the Traitorous Prince, and gains other titles along the way. But did you know that there are other titles to unlock? As you become closer to your allies, both adventurers and dragons, you will bond with them and eventually gain the ability to borrow their epithets for your own. Here's how to do that:

Unlock Table

Epithet How To Get Associated Character
Crimson Sweetheart Reach bond level 15 with Brunhilda.
Bewitching Immortal Reach bond level 15 with Phoenix.
Ferocious Fighter Reach bond level 15 with Ifrit.
Aquatic Guardian Reach bond level 15 with Mercury.
Placid Guide Reach bond level 15 with Poli'ahu.
Ephemeral One Reach bond level 15 with Vodyanoy.
Stormbound Ally Reach bond level 15 with Midgardsormr.
Grand Mercenary Reach bond level 15 with Roc.
Ancient Knight Reach bond level 15 with Stribog.
Capricious Scamp Reach bond level 15 with Jupiter.
Arbiter of Purity Reach bond level 15 with Unicorn.
Seeker of Beauty Reach bond level 15 with Lindworm.
Accursed Vessel Reach bond level 15 with Zodiark.
Violent Brute Reach bond level 15 with Juggernaut
Friend Eternal Reach bond level 15 with Silke.
Rapacious Firelord Reach bond level 15 with Agni.
Ocean Voyager Reach bond level 15 with Poseidon.
Adulated Protector Reach bond level 15 with Zephyr.
Standard Bearer Reach bond level 15 with Jeanne d'Arc.
Death's Reveler Reach bond level 15 with Nidhogg.
Hopeless Narcissist Read episode 5 of Zardin's adventurer story.
Loyal Servant Read episode 5 of Raemond's adventurer story.
Sincere Giver Read episode 5 of Rodrigo's adventurer story.
Dragonblood Prince Available from the start.
Traitorous Prince Clear 'A Changed Alberia' in chapter 2 of the main campaign.
Shining Light Clear 'Diadem of Light' in chapter 6 of the main campaign.
Hero of Justice Read episode 5 of Karl's adventurer story.
Frenzied Warrior Read episode 5 of Berserker's adventurer story.
Born Ruler Read episode 5 of Xander's adventurer story.
Impassioned Ninja Read episode 5 of Aoi's adventurer story.
Solemn Stalwart Read episode 5 of Jurota's adventurer story.
Menace of a Maid Read episode 5 of Melody's adventurer story.
Greenhorn Samurai Read episode 5 of Taro's adventurer story.
Wandering Samurai Read episode 5 of Musashi's adventurer story.
Nature's Avatar Read episode 5 of Mikoto's adventurer story.
Honorable Treasure Hunter Read episode 5 of Renelle's adventurer story.
Cheerful Merchant Read episode 5 of Francesca's adventurer story.
Mammonist Mercenary Read episode 5 of Irfan's adventurer story.
Eager Assassin Read episode 5 of Vice's adventurer story.
Passionate Dancer Read episode 5 of Luther's adventurer story.
Maiden Protector Read episode 5 of Orion's adventurer story.
Genius of the Century Read episode 5 of Ezelith's adventurer story.
Charitable Lumberjack Read episode 5 of Rex's adventurer story.
Untamed Warrioress Read episode 5 of Johanna's adventurer story.
Bantam Hero Read episode 5 of Linus's adventurer story.
Feral Noble Read episode 5 of Erik's adventurer story.
Red-Haired Warrior Read episode 5 of Vanessa's adventurer story.
Free-Spirited Pirate Read episode 5 of Karina's adventurer story.
Arc in the Storm Read episode 5 of Ranzal's adventurer story.
Timorous Paladyn Read episode 5 of Julietta's adventurer story.
Captain Craven Read episode 5 of Alain's adventurer story.
Staunch Avenger Read episode 5 of Cibella's adventurer story.
Golden Armorer Read episode 5 of Malka's adventurer story.
Anointed Lance Read episode 5 of Elisanne's adventurer story.
Mercurial Lancer Read episode 5 of Aeleen's adventurer story.
Dormant Demon Read episode 5 of Ryozen's adventurer story.
Dragon Guardian Read episode 5 of Xainfried's adventurer story.
Fire's Fletcher Read episode 5 of Joe's adventurer story.
Noble Thief Read episode 5 of Waike's adventurer story.
Love Seeker Read episode 5 of Philia's adventurer story.
Alluring Sniper Read episode 5 of Malora's adventurer story.
Curious Archer Read episode 5 of Eleonora's adventurer story.
Woodland Archer Read episode 5 of Luca's adventurer story.
Wild Hunter Read episode 5 of Rawn's adventurer story.
Twilight Hunter Read episode 5 of Hawk's adventurer story.
Queen of the Sands Read episode 5 of Nefaria's adventurer story.
Meandering Mage Read episode 5 of Xania's adventurer story.
Walking Encyclopedia Read episode 5 of Nicolas's adventurer story.
Timid Researcher Read episode 5 of Althemia's adventurer story.
Child of Miracles Read episode 5 of Amane's adventurer story.
Mad Scientist Read episode 5 of Kleimann's adventurer story.
Child of the Forest Read episode 5 of Maribelle's adventurer story.
Elegant Gambler Read episode 5 of Aurien's adventurer story.
Kindly Coward Read episode 5 of Ricardt's adventurer story.
Mana Observer Read episode 5 of Sophie's adventurer story.
Knight at Heart Read episode 5 of Hope's adventurer story.
Loving Preacher Read episode 5 of Estelle's adventurer story.
Perfect Butler Read episode 5 of Edward's adventurer story.
Guiding Seer Read episode 5 of Verica's adventurer story.
Shifty Sailor Read episode 5 of Thaniel's adventurer story.
Belle Healer Read episode 5 of Cleo's adventurer story.
Devout Oracle Read episode 5 of Hildegarde's adventurer story.
Conductor of Storms Reach bond level 15 with High Midgardsormr.
Conqueror of Wind A reward from the 'Clear High Midgardsormr's Trial' endeavor.
Dragon Hunter A reward from clearing all Standard Dragon Trials.
Dragon Slayer A reward from clearing all Expert Dragon Trials.
Sorrowful Kingslayer Loyalty's Requiem: Defeat King Archeole 25 Times.
Otherworld Beastslayer Loyalty's Requiem: Defeat Phraeganoth 40 Times.
Volcanic Fiendslayer Loyalty's Requiem: Clear an Extra Raid Battle In Under One Minute
Dreamer on Ice Read episode 5 of Orsem's adventurer story.
Bone Collector Read episode 5 of Zace's adventurer story.
Faithful Vassal Reach bond level 15 with Pele.
Ruler of the Seas Reach bond level 15 with Leviathan.
Crystalian Princess Read episode 5 of Lily's adventurer story.
Hot-Blooded Instructor Read episode 5 of Celliera's adventurer story.
Bloodsucking Butler Read episode 5 of Halloween Edward's adventurer story.
Vampaladyn Read episode 5 of Halloween Elisanne's adventurer story.
Diametric Vampire Read episode 5 of Halloween Althemia's adventurer story.
Festive Prankster Reach bond level 15 with Halloween Silke.
Sweet Savior Trick or Treasure! Clear 15 Extra Boss Battles.
Pumpkin Squasher Trick or Treasure! Collect 7,000 Tricker Treats in One Go.
Halloween Hero Completely Clear a Challenge Battle in Under Two Minute.