Dragalia Lost Event, Echoes of Antiquity, and New Summon Showcase Available Now

Table of Contents
  • New free adventurer, Xuan Zang, can be gained by leveling up friendship
  • Dragon Yulong and Wyrmprint A Maddened Master wyrmprint also available free
  • New raid battle 
  • New summons

From May 21 to June 12, 2019, a new event is available in Dragalia Lost: Echoes of Antiquity. 

A temporary adventurer will be added to your roster as part of the event(Xuan Zang), and you can earn this adventurer permanently.

The raid event has the player take down Wu Kong in a 16 person(4 player teams of 4 adventurers) battle to the death! Four difficulty levels are available, and an Extra Raid Battle can be unlocked for players who beat Expert or Nightmare level difficulty.

In addition to this event, a new summon showcase is available in the game, featuring new adventurers and a new dragon. See the GamePress page below for more details on that. 

Dragalia Lost - Ambitions in Bloom + Echoes of Antiquity Raid