A Crescendo of Courage Begins Tonight, Free Daily Summons Available

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New Event - Crescendo of Courage

A new event is beginning later today in Dragalia Lost, featuring a new banner and daily free summons!

Adventurers available through the new banner, which begins at 1 AM PST on August 13th, are: 

  • Summer Cleo, a light archer support unit
  • Summer Verica, a dark mage Healing Unit
  • Summer Luca, a light axe attack unit
  • Pop-Star Siren, a light dragon

The new event will be available from August 13th to August 22nd, 2019 and will be available to any players who have completed Chapter 2 / 2-1 on Normal difficulty. 

Daily Free Summons Until August 22nd

Starting tonight at 1 AM, there will be FREE DAILY SUMMONS available!

A free summon will be available for the A Splash of Adventure banner. This banner ends the next day, on August 14th.

Then, A Crescendo of Courage will have 9 free summons, one per day, from August 13th to the 22nd. The Daily Deal will still be available after the free summon.

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