Content Update: 11/13/18 A Wish to the Winds Preview

Dragalia Lost Patch 1.1.5 come with assorted new updates, including some hidden new graphic assets in preparation for A Wish to the WInds Event.
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A Wish to the Winds have been released, click here for the latest info.

Hidden Assets

Patch Notes

Update Notification

The update to version 1.1.5 was made available at Nov 13 20:00, 2018(PT). An automatic update is scheduled to occur at approximately Nov 14 20:00, 2018(PT).

To celebrate the new event, we will be sending everyone a Tenfold Summon Voucher. This announcement will be modified after these vouchers have been distributed.

Version 1.1.5 brings additional features focused on the new event, as well as various improvements and fixes. Check below for details.

■Additional features and improvements:

The features and changes below have been added to the game.

・The AI of adventurers in your party has been adjusted so that they use attacks and skills more often during quests.

・The Fafnir enemy appearing in the recurring event quest Avenue to Power (Beginner/Intermediate/Expert variations) no longer guards.

・The number of skip tickets you can acquire in a Daily Bonus has been increased to three.

・The number of skip tickets that you can buy in the shop has been increased to three in one day.

・The maximum held number of skip tickets has been increased to 99.

・The number displaying the amount of eldwater needed to strengthen a co-ability is now easier to see.

・For the upward swiping gesture on iOS devices, it now changes to Multitask during quests after inputting the gesture two times.

・Defeated enemies now disappear from the minimap immediately.

・The display speed of Notices has been increased.

・Adjustments were made to the power of Hawk's skill Savage Hawk on stunned enemies.

・Adjustments were made to Nefaria's skill Night of Antiquity concerning its power, and power against enemies afflicted with blindness.

・The rates displayed in the item summon's Appearance Rates have been changed to display up to the thousandths decimal place. The summoning rates themselves are unchanged.

■Issue fixed:

The following issues have been fixed.

・All of the gifts in the Dragon's Roost were displaying as bread.

・While leveling up the Smithy, its level wasn't being factored into the total Facility Level.

・Changing characters when one of them has the afflictions stun, freeze, or sleep, then switching back once the affliction has healed, was causing controls to be limited.

・For skills that grow stronger based on the number of buffs on a character, only sustained healing spells weren't being factored in.

・Under specific conditions, you could be struck by status afflictions while shapeshifted.

・When choosing to repeat a mission from the quest results screen, the amount of stamina that should have recovered due to passage of time was not being reflected.

・For all of the items on the Friends screen, the might shown on the character that you tap would not reflect the equipped weapon or dragon.

・Opening Notices during events would sometimes cause the Notices screen to be displayed lower than the menu, preventing players from pressing the Update or Close buttons.


It may take time for the update information to be reflected in the store.

Additionally, users may not be able to perform the update due to their device's data cache being full.

If you are unable to perform the update, power down your device, then turn it off again and attempt the download from the store after a few minutes.

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.