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Character Tier


An ethical monk with a love for peace. His sharp senses and premonitions show he's no normal abbot, but his background is unknown. While often filling the comical role of grandpa, he has serious moments that suggest another side.

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Conor Hogan Hidekatsu Shibata
Dormant Demon
Obtainable as a 4

Character Stats

MAX HP 808


Among the 4★ launch units in Dragalia Lost is Ryozen, a Light defensive hero who uses a lance. Despite his rarity and availability, this tank has unparalleled sustain and HP. He carries a teamwide defensive buff in Celestial Citadel, and with healing doublebuff, the boost grants Regen to himself for continuous healing. Although his damage output is limited, Ryozen can anchor his team and provide a solid line between enemies and casters.


Overdrive Punisher

Ryozen is one of few Adventurers with Overdrive Punisher. Because Overdrive state is the most dangerous, Overdrive Punisher is the best skill for cycling through boss phases and rushing towards the Break state.

Healing Doublebuff

Healing Doublebuff gives him independence to heal without support. If Regen healers like Verica and Hildegarde are unavailable, he can still regain some HP.

Light Type

Light typing is a huge plus defensively, as Light/Dark matchups always favor the player. Ryozen effectively has no elemental weaknesses, and he gets bonus healing from Hildegarde.

Curse Immunity

Curse immunity is relevant against Shadow enemies, which also happen to be the favorable matchup for Light types.


Low Damage

For timed bosses, tankiness and survivability aren’t as useful as raw Strength. Low damage output also hurts Ryozen's ability to make full use of Overdrive Punisher, as the skill synergizes slightly better with burst damage and attackers.

Shorter Buff Time

Ryozen lacks Buff Time boosts, so supports like Elisanne and Aeleen surpass him in buff uptime and support capabilities.

Dragon Recommendations

Jeanne D’Arc is ideal with her hefty 40-60% HP boost, and brings an additional defensive buff for extending Ryozen's Regen effect even further.

Lindworm can improve outbound damage if Ryozen finds himself surviving much longer than teammates.

Halloween Silke provides a compromise, with her split stat boost and an attack that debuffs enemies’ Strength.

Weapon Recommendations

Budget Options: Jack-o-Lance is perfect on Ryozen, but for those who missed the Trick or Treasure event, the element-neutral Ironside Lance and Gae Bolg are still good options.

Wyrmprint Recommendations

Doublebuffs: Valiant Crown, Sisters of the Anvil

Defensive Buffs: How to Flee Properly, Ironside Shield

Overdrive Punisher: Lord of the Skies


Skill 1

Celestial Citadel
Lvl 1 Increases the entire team's defense by 15% for 15 seconds.
Lvl 2 Increases the entire team's defense by 20% for 15 seconds.
SP Cost 4367 Iframe Medium

Skill 2

Lotus Lance
Lvl 1 Deals light damage to enemies directly ahead.
Lvl 2 Deals light damage to enemies directly ahead.
SP Cost 4855 Iframe Long


Ability 1

Healing Doublebuff II

Grants an HP regen buff for 20 seconds each time a defense up buff is received.

Upgrades To
Healing Doublebuff III

Grants an HP regen buff for 20 seconds each time a defense up buff is received.


Ability 2

Curse Res +50%

Reduces susceptibility to curses by 50%.

Upgrades To
Curse Res +100%

Reduces susceptibility to curses by 100%.


Ability 3

Overdrive Punisher +8%

Increases damage to enemies in overdrive state by 8%.



HP +7%

Increases HP by 7%. Benefits your whole team.

Show Upgrades

Increases HP by 8%. Benefits your whole team.

Increases HP by 9%. Benefits your whole team.

Increases HP by 10%. Benefits your whole team.

Increases HP by 12%. Benefits your whole team.

Mana Circle

Total Materials Required

Individual Nodes

Mana Circle 1

Total Materials




Force Strike