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Character Tier


A knight of the Ilian Church, and a prodigy whose skill gained her the rank of Paladyn. However, she's currently been branded a heretic and is being actively pursued. Though tough, she secretly has some softer interests.

CV Info - English CV Info - Japanese
Ava Lindstrom Saori Hayami
Anointed Lance
Obtainable as a 4

Character Stats

MAX HP 752


Elisanne is a 4★ Water Adventurer obtainable early on in the Story Campaign. Commonly deemed one of the best Adventurer in the game, Brave Bastion allows Elisanne to boost the entire team's Strength and has great uptime. Coupled with the lance weapon type and access to increased Buff Time in her Mana Circle, the Anointed Lance is a versatile Adventurer that can perform well in a wide variety of content, including High Brunhilda's Trial and Mercurial Gauntlet.


High Brave Bastion uptime

Buff Time +25% boosts the teamwide Strength buff duration close to 20 seconds. Combined with a low SP cost and Lances’ quick SP gain, Brave Bastion can reach close to 100% uptime, especially when aided by Buff Time Wyrmprints.

Lance user

Lances’ long reach lessens the risk of chip damage and knockback experienced by most melee adventurers. This range combined with their quick attack speed earn them the highest SP gain rate in the game behind Staffs. Teammates also enjoy a substantial boost to raw HP via her Co-Ability.


Low base stats

As a free Story Adventurer, her base stats are nothing to write home about. While her theoretical DPS in conjunction with Brave Bastion is high, Elisanne is at her best when she is able to support other Adventurers that has higher DPS output.

Lacks full resistances

50% Burn Res and 25% Stun Res aren’t numbers worth betting on. For content where full resistances are needed, Elisanne will need to dedicate Wyrmprint(s) to make up for this.

Dragon Recommendations

  • Leviathan offers a high Strength bonus (40-60%) and access to Bog affliction. Dragonyule Jeanne is also a viable alternative that provides a trade-off between a lower raw Strength value and an increased Critical Rate. Both of these Dragons are great choices for Elisanne, as she will be spending the majority of the time gaining SP via combos for Brave Bastion spam.
  • Vodyanoy is an accessible 4★ option that provides a solid 30-45% Strength boost, and is easily unbound with Moonlight Stones via the Void Battles Treasure Trade.
  • Poseidon or High Mercury provides a balanced portion of Strength and HP, at 20-30% each.
  • Siren provides a drastic increase to Skill Damage alongside a modest Strength boost. As Elisanne is mainly focused on maintaining Brave Bastion, the Skill Damage increase is largely considered to be wasted potential.
  • Poli’Ahu and Fubuki are budget choices for Strength boosts, with Poli'Ahu being the budget counterpart of Poseidon.

Weapon Recommendations

Void Option: Strohm Mare (High Brunhilda's Trial)

Budget Option: Ironside Lance

Wyrmprint Recommendations

Pair 1

Pair 2

  • Pair 1: This is a set tailored for High Brunhilda's Trial, as this will grant Elisanne full Burn Res and ensure that she will survive the opening blast. If Elisanne is highly invested, players may opt to swap Volcanic Queen with a Buff Time print, such as Beach Battle, for longer Brave Bastion uptime.
  • Pair 2: This is a general purpose set for most content, which provides Elisanne with a balanced mix of Buff Time and Skill Haste. Bellathorna and Halidom Grooms are also options for Buff Time as well.


Skill 1

Brave Bastion
Lvl 1 Increases the entire team's strength by 10% for 15 seconds.
Lvl 2 Increases the entire team's strength by 15% for 15 seconds.
Lvl 3 Increases the entire team's strength by 20% for 15 seconds.
SP Cost 3817 Iframe Medium

Skill 2

Hallowed Waters
Lvl 1 Deals water damage to the target and nearby enemies.
Lvl 2 Deals water damage to the target and nearby enemies.
SP Cost 5158 Iframe Medium


Ability 1

Buff Time +20%

Increases duration of buff skills by 20%.

Upgrades To
Buff Time +25%

Increases duration of buff skills by 25%.


Ability 2

Burn Res +25%

Reduces susceptibility to burning by 25%.

Upgrades To
Burn Res +50%

Reduces susceptibility to burning by 50%.


Ability 3

Stun Res +25%

Reduces susceptibility to stun by 25%.



HP +7%

Increases HP by 7%. Benefits your whole team.

Show Upgrades

Increases HP by 8%. Benefits your whole team.

Increases HP by 9%. Benefits your whole team.

Increases HP by 12%. Benefits your whole team.

Increases HP by 15%. Benefits your whole team.

Mana Circle

Total Materials Required

Individual Nodes

Mana Circle 1

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Force Strike


Mana Circle 2

Total Materials

Unbind Materials