Astral Raids are a rotating carousel of past Raid Bosses that fill the downtime between new/revival Raids. Rewards include Astral Shards which are exchanged at the Treasure Trade for the latest in upgrade materials: Augment items.

To challenge Astral Raids, players obtain Astral Pieces from clearing any Campaign or Event quest (excluding Mercurial Gauntlet) to a maximum of 300, with any overflow being lost. Additionally, these pieces cannot be obtained while Astral Raids are active, namely during weekdays or while actual Raid events active. 

What to Bring

Dragon Prep

Unlike standard Raid events, Astral Raid timers have 10 minutes on the clock, so all teams are recommended to bring at least one healer. 

Because its effects are applied to all four teams, Dragon Prep of some form should be run on as many participants as possible. Lead adventurers should equip The Bridal Dragon, while King’s Countenance, Dragon’s Nest, and Dragon Arcanum work well on subs. If all 16 adventurers commit to this strategy, players can begin Raids with almost two full Transformation charges. Using this focused burst against specific body parts is crucial to lowering bosses’ offensive capabilities and increasing survival rates.



Astral Hypnos is similar to his original form in that Purple attack markers are frustratingly frequent. In response to the constant barrage of wide-reaching attacks, players are advised to lead with Blade or Lance adventurers for the mobility provided by their Force Strikes.

Notable Picks


Although his Stance cyclings are often interrupted early on, his Crit kit ensures that his neutral game is still strong. Crucially, Blade Force Strikes quickly close the distance between Hypnos and his wide AOE attacks. 

Ramona / Rena

Ramona’s Skill 1 is highly valued for its ability to focus down specific body parts. Her sister Rena provides support by stacking their Primed Abilities together for increased damage and survivability. Manually controlling Rena allows the player to properly double-cast Rena’s Skill 1 as well as utilize Blade mobility to get the team clear of Purple markers. 

Gala Mym

With 10 minutes on the clock and multiple opportunities for Transformation, Mym feels right at home. Similar to Blades, Lance Force Strikes also cover significant distance and allow Mym to easily escape Hypnos’s clutches. 


Astral Raids are by no means a DPS check, so healing is a necessity to outlast the extended timer. Verica’s targeted heal is ideal for bailing out lagging teammates struck by stray Purple markers. Although Valentine’s Hildegarde can also fill this role, her Skill 2’s Shield is not sufficient to protect against the hail of Purple marker attacks.  

Moves to Watch Out For

Destructive Tornado

Hypnos begins the fight by raising his right hand and creating three small tornados which travel around the map. These tornadoes last for the rest of the fight and will knock down adventurers on impact, dealing minor damage.


With his right hand, Hypnos charges a Purple circular attack marker with a large radius. When fully charged, it releases a damaging whirlwind. Destroying Hypnos' Right Hand opens a small safe zone just beneath Hypnos.

Teleport Slash

Hypnos instantly teleports to the edge of the arena, and charges. There are two Purple action markers (a rectangular one in front of him, and a circular one in the middle of the arena). When fully charged, Hypnos leaps forward and slashes, then returns to his original starting point. Destroying the Left Wing downgrades this attack into Red markers. 

Ascension / Cataclysmic Cyclone

Upon reaching Overdrive, Hypnos will rise into the air, begin charging a Purple attack marker, and summon eight Wind Mana Founts. These founts must be quickly destroyed by your team, as the more are left alive, the stronger the attack that follows.

The best way to do this is to have each team member KO two founts. A good way to coordinate this is to spread out when the attack begins: Look for founts without any teammates near them. Should time run short, don't be afraid to use Skills in order to clear them.

Spiral Gates

When his health drops to critical levels, Hypnos summons four minions which all have a Red marker attack. None are particularly threatening, but they can make it tough to stay in one spot and deal damage.

General Tips

Target the Right Hand

While Teleport Slash is telegraphed and easily avoidable, Whirlwind’s generous radius and quick charging lead to frequent lulls as players scramble to the circle’s edge. Making the Right Hand a priority target will effectively halve Hypnos’s lethal arsenal and grant periods of uncontested damage as subsequent Whirlwinds charge harmlessly around the newly opened safe zone. 

Avoid lingering in corners

Until the Right Hand is demolished, players must respect Whirlwind’s massive radius and be ready to get clear at any time. As such, players should damage Hypnos from the side closest to the map’s center whenever possible so as to avoid being boxed in by Whirlwind. 

Use tornadoes to avoid Whirlwind

If using a low-mobility adventurer or having locked oneself into a Skill animation, getting outside of Whirlwind’s radius is a tall order. If left with no other option, players can use nearby tornadoes to knock themselves down, utilizing “true iframes” while their adventurer lies on the ground and gets back up. 

Notable Rewards
  • 45,000 Rupies
  • (10) Succulent Dragonfruit / Consecrated Waters
  • (3) Fortifying Crystals / Fortifying Gemstones: Increases Max HP of adventurers / Wyrmprints.
  • (2) Astral Shards: Exchanged for Augment items from Treasure Trade.



Much like his EX Raid incarnation, Astral Valfarre is wholly unforgiving to the shortcomings of AI-controlled teammates. Although most of his moveset is still fairly telegraphed, the most notable difference is Phantasmal Wolves, which will now shred through adventurers that dare to attempt DPS during this time. A hyper-defensive composition consisting of at least one healer along with an Axe and/or Lance user is highly recommended. 

Notable Picks

Musashi / Lin You / G Ranzal / Louise - General purpose Bog immune powerhouses. 

Ranzal - A Defense Co-Ability and a 30% HP shield greatly increase survival odds and allow teammates to tank lesser attacks like Tidal Tornado. 

Pia - As the only Bog-immune Lance user, her Co-Ability alone warrants consideration to help her allies survive. Also provides minor Energy support. 

Lowen / Wedding Xania - Bringing one or both is highly recommended. Regarding Dragons, Phoenix can be used as a stand-in for Freyja and provides much-needed relief to all allies. 

Moves to Watch Out For

Fog Breath (Purple): Valfarre opens with a Purple cone of energy that deals heavy damage.

Claw Crash (Purple):  Valfarre spawns a map-wide lattice of Purple action markers. After slashing once, a second lattice will appear that covers the previous lattice’s openings. Destroying either hand will greatly reduce Claw Crash’s coverage. Note, being hit by the first lattice will not result in double jeopardy as get-up iframes will prevent the second lattice from connecting. 

Tidal Tornado (Red): After winding up, Valfarre charges forward to deal damage. This attack has a large radius, but a long startup time.

Savage Press (Purple): Valfarre shifts his stance and spawns a mickey mouse-shaped Purple marker on the ground before leaping to that location. Breaking either hand will remove the corresponding Purple marker.

Phantasmal Wolves (Purple): Valfarre spawns several rings around him in concentric circles, each dealing damage and inflicting Bog. Moving in front of the boss helps with visibility. 

From the Depths (Red): Creates (4) Red markers that explode and deal damage. Afterward, each circle spawns a Great Sea Goblin minion.

General Tips

Target either the Left or Right Hands

Commit to one of the hands and focus it down ASAP. This will create much larger openings during Claw Crash while also removing one of Savage Press’s markers.  

Play to survive

In addition to bringing 1-2 healers and a defensive Co-Ability, the most important tip to remember is that there’s plenty of time on the clock. By all means, DPS can be sacrificed in favor of avoiding damage. This is most pronounced during Phantasmal Wolves, which will quickly eviscerate teams that don’t retreat to the outermost edge of the map. Of course, Transformations can help tank the Wolf damage, but are better saved for less hectic portions of the fight. 

Manually control adventurers with long Skill animations

A good rule of thumb is to assume that the AI has no sense of self-preservation. Maribelle in particular will die immediately to the opening Fog Breath due to her 100% Skill Prep locking her in place. It falls to the player to choose the biggest liability and keep them out of harm’s way. 


45,000 Rupies

(10) Succulent Dragonfruit / Consecrated Waters

(3) Amplifying Crystals / Amplifying Gemstones: Increases Max STR of adventurers / Wyrmprints.

(2) Astral Shards: Exchanged for Augment items from Treasure Trade.

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