Alliances Overview

Alliances are a tool created to help players with multiplayer content. Previously called Guilds by players, Alliances were formally added to the game as a feature with the 1.10.0 version update on July 29th, 2019.

In-game features include a chat, alliance-only party restrictions and daily resources.


Alliance List

Dragon Allies A guild for people who love Dragalia Lost and seek to interact with others within the guild or play some co-op in the game.
Anyone is welcome to join!
DragonStars Club This is the DragonStars Club, the top guild currently on GamePress for Dragalia Lost! As a guild leader of many top guilds of other games, I can ensure both a competitive and fun experience for you guys! From beginners and experts, everyone is welcome here. If you need to get carried on a certain stage, we’ve got experienced players here to back you up! Need an advanced squad for a tough raid boss? This guild has you covered too! No matter your skill level, we’re all here to save the Kingdom of Alberia together! Join now to gain access to our active Discord server as well as our in game alliances!
Monchofriends :gwactionsmolconcern:
This guild is for monchofriends and friends of moncho. Guild is open because I love every single one of you and you're welcome to join.
Boom AllianceID: 15978345

For serious players who love spamming the boom emote after kills. We run HDTs and Nightmare raids together. Please be semi active.
Sketti Mayo Jelly Inc. Hey, hey! We are a brand new guild comprised of three core members. We love Dragalia Lost and wish to create a community where everyone can make new friends and enjoy the game together. We are not expert, but we are always welcoming new players to join and learn more about the game! <3 <3 <3

Alliance Features


  • Alliance leaders can upload banners and post messages/announcements about activities.

Types of Alliances

  • Open guilds are open for everyone to join.
  • Closed guilds require players to submit an application to join. It is up to the guild leader to accept a player into his/her guild.

Alliance Roles

  • Leader - creator of the Alliance. Can transfer ownership of guild and kick people.
  • Officer - leaders can promote members to officers.
  • Member - basic guild role, has no unique permissions.